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Copywriting Service


4 months ago by sealynx








WELCOME to Sealynx Copywriting, your friendly, neighborhood copywriting company. Okay, so maybe we’re not exactly located in your neighborhood. But we kind of feel like we live on your street because we take the time to really get to know you, your marketing goals, and your brand voice. By taking the time to get to know you, we can provide you with the best, personalized copywriting services ever. When you work with us, it’s like having all the understanding, hard work, and fun of famous duos like Lucy and Ethel, Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute, or Spongebob and Patrick – but with twice the results and none of the disfunction. We’re passionate about marketing prose, dedicated to lead generation, and excited about building your business or brand up! We work with companies, entrepreneurial ventures, and businesses of all sizes, selling all types of products and services. you and your brand where you want to go. It’s actually a pretty simple goal, but it takes hard work and dedication to get it done. So… how do we accomplish this amazing task? We’re glad you asked. The way we shape our copywriting process might be a little unconventional. Truth be told, we don’t have any one process for getting from first meeting you to giving you that uniquely-personalized finished copy that everyone wants. Why? Because we don’t believe that there’s a magic formula for creating good copywriting. Instead of turning you through a cookie-cutter, client-processing machine, we believe that providing great copywriting services starts long before we sit down to write. It begins with getting to know you so we can work with you in the way that you want. (That’s why we’re able to give you such a unique and personalized service that meets your goals, instead of a mediocre conglomeration of meaningless phrases or a slapdash mix of keywords and backlinks, like this sentence.) HOW IT ALL WORKS Want more information than that? You’re in the right place! Company Name is a company built on real communication, collaboration, and results. We create copywriting and marketing services that help increase conversions, lead generation, and cold traffic. With that in mind, we’re passionate about cultivating a relationship with each of our clients so we can provide customized services that actually work. Because our process looks a little different for each of our clients, we won’t give you a complete, detailed itinerary of everything we’ll do, but here’s our general process outline: 1. SAY HELLO As much as we want to get to know you, you’re in charge of taking that first step and getting in touch with us. 2. TALK ABOUT YOUR GOALS Once we’ve decided to work together, it’s time to start talking about your marketing goals. First, you tell us your vision for your brand or company. Are you shooting for a small target audience with a boutique or specialized service? Or are you trying to relate to a larger client base? We’ll help you shape specific marketing goals that will allow you to eventually reach and surpass your vision! 3. BRAINSTORMING After we’ve agreed on some marketing goals like increasing your website content, reaching a previously-unreached market, marketing to your current leads better, increasing conversion, etc. We’ll do some brainstorming and give you some personalized marketing suggestions. We’ll tell you how you can best utilize our copywriting services to boost your reach, brand awareness, and profits. Exciting, right? 4. CREATING This is the stage where ideas are converted into lead-generating, profit-boosting copy that you can use to reach your goals. We’re a pretty talkative bunch, so you can be sure that you’ll get real-time updates, previews, check-ups, and other useful communications during this part of the copywriting process. 5. FINAL PRODUCT With all that creative inspiration, hard work, and collaboration behind us, step 5 is the part where you the client get to start using your finished product! But, unlike other copywriting companies, you’ll still have an open line of communication with us even after we’ve delivered your final product. If you have questions or concerns or if you aren’t happy with your service for any reason, we want to know and see how we can help you get the most out of your copywriting service! Keep reading below to discover what services we offer! OUR AMAZING SERVICES Not to toot our own horn, but we think we’re pretty good at what we do. We’re confident that you’ll love our wide variety of copywriting services! We treat each client like a real person with unique goals and wants, so we’ll work with you to provide only the copywriting services you need! ✔️ email marketing ✔️ social media marketing ✔️ website copy ✔️ sales letters ✔️ blog post writing ✔️ lead generation tactics ✔️ cold traffic boosting techniques ✔️ strategies to increase conversions ✔️ and more! CONTACT US Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level? Company Name is too! Use the contact box below to schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation or email us at 87328221

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