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Looking for Alaska John Green Book Novel Story Preloved Condition; 8/10 By john green, author of Paper Towns and The Fault In Our Stars Slight yellow blotches on the paper but is normal in books kept for very long Yellow pages but does not effect the words 1st pic; Cover of book 2nd pic; Back of book 3rd pic; Inner page of book/other works by john green 4th pic; Back page of book/description of john green Mailing or meet ups at my convenience! Mailing costs is included Will accept concealed cash or Bank Transfer/Deposits

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Redhill MRT Station (EW18), Singapore

Redhill, Tiong Bahru, Macritchie, Farrer Road, Bouna Vista, Star Vista, City hall, Dobhy Gaught etc. I might have other places for meet ups so please message me for more :-)

Mailing or Delivery

Mailing costs are included in the price! Will mail it straight to you :-D will not be responsible for lost mail!