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Looking for job!! 😇



Looking for job. 嗨大家好本名叫Yumii! ❤ 今年19岁 寻找工作⭐ 以下是我的资料 以及讓你多了解我的资料 About me Age 19'1998 baby - female Im a chinese and HOKKIEN ZHABOR ✨ I know how to speak chinese, english, hokkien. I know how to listen these language. Oh btw i cn teach u chinese btw btw @ a fee hehe!! I suppose my chinese language v good bc my main language since young is in CHINESE , if u speak in english ill speak untill quite sot sot one HAHA No illegal jobs PLS 😒 PLS im not anyhw kind of person BEST if i can work at home . ❤ I can help you edit your blogger nicely! ✨ Mine blog is at i also knw how to edit html , change fonts , add music widget to your blog , link someone else or or add some other widget in ur blog.. and all sort of interesting thing i learnt myself since im 11 y/o HAHA!! ❤ Fast in typing and if u need help in any microsoft related thing ❤Want to learn something online? I can watch the tutorial and teach you step by step easily! 😊 ✨😭Dont be creepy. HAHAH like an angmoh who suddenly waves to me in his car when i was abt to cross the road and say how are you? ohmaigod (!? -i stunt for a second and rush off i was like HUH bo tai bo ji why got angmoh in the car wave to me HAHAH No illegal job. Most prefer: ❤ Flyer distribution ✨ ❤ Retail Assistant ✨ ❤ Admin ✨ ❤ Telemarketer ❤ Event ❤ Easy and slack job (Ok wht HAHA i achlly likethat say but pls recruit me😣 need job urgently la if not i hunger starve till death 😢 ❤Prefer to work NEAR MY HOME! I repeat idw to be a promoter bc i sucks @ talking to strangers so yeah HAHA and im a person who fear rejection srsly cause i will feel very paiseh when i got rejected ill be like wtf sibei paiseh idw do alr then ill slack like when i approach one person during promotion they'll just siam far far walk untill to the side to siam aka avoid ? like how i do to those promoters to legit not waste time listen the shits? HAHA (legit im very insecure person, i feel v insecure to everything arounds me and even myself frm years. I have less confidence to be honest and i got told by my psychogolist years ago tht i lack self esteem and have low self esteem But recently , SELF ESTEEM quite boost alr lor i think!!!now is up thr one tbh i think

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