Looking for milo cube 100pcs per packet to bless/give away/trade or buy! cant be so fast expire!

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Hi looking for kind soul who willing to sell 3 packets of milo cube 100pcs per packet @ $16 BNIP sealed! we can only effort the amount show above. but must include delivery to my place. my husband entered ns. so this is wad we can effort. im sharing this wit my relative & young sis. if trade, price for trade can slightly higher. trade 1 packet 100pcs @ $9 am ok. but do follow my trade price or 1-1 trade. i must see wad item of mine for trade. only open to trade wit my item & i dont do top up for trade. dont come & pm me say i low baller! am just asking. if u r nt happy about it or finding prob can kindly just fk off. only looking for instock & cash on delivery. thanks. anw i am staying at east side.