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Lord Shiva (Copper) Kruba Krissana Birthday Batch Blessed by Kruba Krissana and other top monks in ceremony Wat Arsom BE2560 Effects: - Protection for All Dangers - Overcome Obstacles - Metta, Good for Relationship Tag: thai amulet, somdej, lp thuad, khun phean, kp, butterfly, lp koon, lp pae, pikanet, chinaraj, jatukam, lersi, nak prok, pitda, nang kwa, buddha, phra phrom, kuba krissana, sangkachai, takrut, lp toh, lp tim, pu toh, pu tim, rian, locket, kring, salika, lp pong, lp tong, lp prom, lp sakorn, chu chok, khun pean, egf, er ge feng, phra, bucha, wat pikulthong, rian, Sorthorn, Keaw

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