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LP Jerm ~ Wat HoiRak - Powerful Phra Buddha Prok Bodhi With Maha Meun Nur Phong Prai Samut BE 2499


7 months ago by hoki_amulet88






This is Powerful & Stunning Phra Buddha Prok Bodhi With Maha Meun Nur Phong Prai Samut, strongly blessed by LP Jerm, PT Klai, PT Kliang, LP Khong, LP Mui and Top Monks in year BE2499. This sacred Phra Buddha Prok Bodhi is made from Din Prai Samut (under sea Soil), Bone Fragment, more than 700 Holy powder materials. Featured with stunning design of Phra Buddha image and Prok Bodhi at top of front side. Additional with sacred Yants at back. Futhermore, LP Jerm blessed this batch amulets for few years with recite Special Katha Maha Meun Yants by 10,000 times by himself. Wat HoiRak ~ LP Jerm (known as Phor Than Jerm) was born in year BE2451. LP Jerm was ordained as monk at Wat KhongKha in Nakhon Si Thammarat. After ordination, LP Jerm went to study the magic and meditation with LP Thewa Arkom and LP Num at Wat KhongKha until expert in meditation and Wicha magic. Luang Phor Jerm Achito, passed away peacefully in BE2527, aged 76 years and having served the Buddhist faith for 57 years Effect: Increase Luck tremendously, Protection from harm and danger, Deflect away black magic and bad luck, Attract the right kind of opportunity and people to you, Successful in everything that you do.

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osjderekGreat seller to deal with! Very friendly and more
3 months ago
hunter76Great Advise from Seller, I am not Boasting , more
4 months ago
hoki_amulet88tq bro🙏👍😀
nicholesGreat seller to deal with!very reasonable price.
5 months ago
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