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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> For PM At Good Price Limited Pieces Available!! ^^Lp Karlong Por Lersi Sermingpai (Tiger Head Lersi)BE2551(C.E2008)^^ *Comes Verified And Certifed With DD PHRA CERT* Temple: Wat Kowlam, Sakaew province Batch: Jakkaphat Narai (Great powerful Narayana) Material: Nue Pong Poo Lersi Singha Saming Prai -there are many holy minerals on the amulet to increase power. Size: 4.4 cm x 5 cm (Encased In Waterproof Casing) Purpose for Making: LP Kalong would like to donate the money from amulet to develop and restore the buildings in poor temple. Info: Ceremony: there were 3 grand ceremonies to bless Phor Poo Lersi Sermingpai amulet such as: 1. LP Kalong strongly blessed this amulet only by himself for 3 months. 2. On 19 April 2008 in Dhevapisek and Puttapisek Ceremony at Wat Suthat, Bangkok. LP Kalong is a president and blessed together with 8 famous guru monks such as 1)LP Jur-ah of Wat Glang Banggiew 2)LP Aun of Wat RongKo 3)LP BoonMa of Wat BahnGang 4) LP Siri of Wat Tan 5) LP Dee of Wat TayPaGorn 6)LP Reng of Wat DongKwan 7)LP NopPaWan of Wat SayNaNiMit 8) LP Tiew of Wat ManeeChonrakun 3. On 15 May 2008 in JakKaPat Puttapisek ceremony at Wat Suthat. LP Kalong is a president and many famous guru monks join to bless together such as 1)LP Tim of Wat PhraKhao 2) LP Pian of Wat GernGatin 3) LP Up of Wat TongSai 4)LP Jur-ah of Wat Glang Banggiew, 5)LP Dee of Wat TayPaGorn 6)LP Tiew of Wat MaNeeChonRaKun 7)LP NopPaWan of Wat SayNaNiMit 8)LP Pian of Wat TukKaTa 9LP UayPorn of Wat DaunYaiHaum and 19 guru monks of Thailand. 4. On 17 May 2008 in Wai Kru (Worship Teacher) – LP Kalong invited Guru Master Spirit into holy ceremony joined in to bless in ceremony. Purpose: The one who possesses "Phorpoo lersi smingprai" must be honest in his occupation, strongly pay attention to Phor Poo Lersi and will receive good thing in life. "Athanrangkruu" will bring that one prosperous, charmings and good sales in whatever you selling and also protect him from all dangereous situations and fullfill everything that is needed for him to succeeds. The merit of worshipping Por Lersi Sermingpai is that for the one who worship will receive the protection, has a charming and great kindness, succeed in his duty and responsibility and has many good luck and money, be richer and richer by day. If you pray to any "barang"amulets at home,can help you to take care and ensure they wont "misbehave". As Lersi Is Also well known to be teacher to Buddha,its can grant wisdom and knowledge to the wearer,especially helpful for people who are in business line,studying or need guidance in life.

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