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Lp Koon Famous Remake Set Of His Famous Rian BE 2557 (C.E2014) (BE2512/BE2517/BE2519) - LP Koon passed away in 2015. Temple:Wat Ban Rai *Wrapped In Waterproof Casing* Info: In Year BE2557,to commemorate Lp Koon's most famous batch of his self image rian,a limited edition of remake batch of his Famous Remake Set Of His Famous Rian BE2512,BE2517, BE2519 was being made and blessed by Lp Koon himself. This set of remake made in year BE2557 is worth collecting as the prices of it are deem affordable as compare to amulets made during that year and it might rise in the years to come. Lp Koon had created many amulets in his lifetime and those that are high in vauble which collectors collect are those that are made earlier in his years and those that are made less. (Example B.E 2512,2517,2519, Nur Nawa, Nur Nergn and Nur Tong Kam). Not only worth collecting but also a piece worth wearing as well as Lp Koon once said, those who had me will never be poor and true enough those who worked hard and prayed with faith came out wealthy. Not only that, amulets made by Lp Koon not only comes with great wealth but also strong protection and there is worshippers wearing his amulet and got into an accident, coming out unharmed or with minor injuries when the accident could be fatal. Famous Incident: At the year in BE2536(C.E1993),Lp Koon's fame reached new height,when a women was pulled out alive from rubble of a collapsed hotel clutching tightly onto Lp Koon Image amulet. Purpose: People believe LP Koon has the power to protect the owner from all natural or accidental calamities and attract good luck, wealth and prosperity for the worshipper as the amulet contains supernatural powers just like when Lp Koon when doing blessing for amulets just by chanting a few words and its already very powerful. No rush to sell for this set, will not let go unless price is justifiable. Will donate a portion of the amount to temple or charity. Tags: Thai amulets somdej kp khun pean lp Koon l par lp thuad pidta chinaraj Jtk lersi butterfly takrut Toh Tim rian locket Kring salika pong tong prom sakorn chuchok egf er ge Feng nang kwa pikanet sangkachai naga wealth fortune luck protection Ganesha luang phor luang pu archan ac loop om lor palakit kruba aj moon baeng udom subin money monk kmt gambling pae bucha

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Choa chu kang, tanjong pagar, Chinatown, bukit panjang. Can be discussed.

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