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Lp Koon Money Bag Self Image Rian!!Personally Super Highly Recommended.I Will Be Wearing One myself 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 For PM At Good Price To Own One *3Pieces No Cert* *2Pieces With DD PHRA CERT* ^^Lp Koon Famous Self Image Rian(Money Bags)-(财神龙婆坤)Roon ChaPhaTanLon Nur Brass BE 2536(C.E1994) *Comes Certified With DD PHRA CERT* Size:4.3cm x 2.3cm (Wrapped With Acrylic Black Rimmed Waterproof Casing) (Wrapped With Waterproof Casing) Amounts Made:84,000 Info: Super Rare And Auspicious Lp Koon Famous Self Image Rian(Money Bags)-(财神龙婆坤)Roon ChaPhaTanLon Nur Brass BE 2536(C.E1994) conscreated and blessed by Lp Koon,at the highest peak of his fame and powers. At the back are featured with image of MONEY BAG(钱袋),which is super auspicious and this piece is also famously known as (财神龙婆坤),which also means "Wealth God Lp Koon". I personally will be wearing one myself as this is also the piece of Lp Koon Self Image Rian Which Many Thai People themselves are wearing or collections now.Prices For This Will Be Expected To Rise In The Future. Famous Incident: LP Koon is well known,famous and recognize in dhamma, samadi,and wicha(spiritual magic). LP Koon's fame reached new heights in 1993, when a woman was pulled alive from the rubble of a collapsed hotel clutching an amulet with his image on it. The lady also reveal that she saw LP Koon image leading her out from the collapsed hotel when LP Koon was sitting in his temple mediating. He was also known as the legendary monk who had help and bestow wealth to his devotees thru his blessing and amulets. Purpose: People believe LP Koon's amulets has the power to protect the owner from all natural or accidental calamities and attract good luck, wealth and prosperity for the worshipper as the amulet contains supernatural powers just like when Lp Koon when doing blessing for amulets just by chanting a few words and its already very powerful. 泰国佛牌 龙婆坤 2536 钱袋子自身 诸神之祝福 带卡保真 全新未戴 4枚打包 龙婆坤2536钱袋子自身。 23年老牌这款叫“诸神之祝福”现在在泰国最热门的两期,2530和2536龙婆坤钱袋自身,反面钱袋为:玛阿戊招财经文,当时2536钱袋自身牌为泰国皇室诗林通公主而出,法会盛大。 1,圣僧龙婆坤【仑帕迪巴塔彭,“赐你好财运”;龙波坤“驰名钱袋”自身牌】是师傅龙婆坤“驰名钱袋自身牌”! 2。此佛牌是在佛历2536年制造,命名为“仑帕迪巴塔彭”,翻译为“赐你好财运”佛牌。 3。佛牌正面是龙婆坤仑素泰金身法相,背面是师傅龙婆坤【驰名钱袋】,是师傅驰名的招财经咒,非常难得! 【佩带功效】:受到诸神的眷顾、犹如天神在身边护佑,全能型圣物,坤爷强大的招财挡险法门、因为是师傅龙婆坤“驰名钱袋自身牌”,所以是一粒超灵验的招财圣物;此外还有以下功能:使生意興隆、財源不絕、逢凶化吉、對危急事有預感、人緣六合、辟邪降刀之傷害,令佩戴者财源滚滚来,永不缺钱。护佑,全能型圣物,坤爷强大的招财挡险法门。

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