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LP Koon Holy Water Pidta BE2538


11 months ago by amuletcollection




One of Luang Por Koon's most Famous amulet: You can easily find stories online showing the effectiveness of lp Koon and/or this amulet from wearers all over the world. Many materials from famous monks and consecrated over duration of 3 years, for 3 full rain-retreats. Only have a few extra pieces on hand PM for good offer price :) ************************************************* LP Koon Holy Water Pidta BE2538 *Verified by DD Phra Cert! Confirmed Genuine!* Master: Luang Por Koon Temple: Wat Ban Rai Amulet: Holy Water Phra Pidta (Covered Eye Buddha) Year: BE2538 (Year 1995) Size: 3cm x 4cm (excluding casing) Additional: comes with high quality waterproof casing, ready to wear. Luang Por Koon's Sacred amulets, which became so popular because of the high number of success stories and life saving miracles which were attributed to his amulets in various cases which came into the news of people surviving almost certain death, who wore his amulets. These Phra Pidta amulets were put into holy water during 2 quarters of the blessing ceremony, after that they were brought to people for rent in B.E. 2538 (1995) - 22 years old amulet with lots of good feedback and review on its effectiveness. Ingredient/materials used: 1. Lp Tim's (Wat Lahanrai) Robe, Pong Prai Kuman Powder and broken amulets by Lp Tim 2. Wan Saboo Lierd 3. Ancient burned palm leaf scripture (Nur Phong Bailan) 4. 108 Types of Flower Pollens & Herbs (Nur Phong Kaesorn) from 108 temples in Thailand. 5. Lp Koon's Blessed Golden Takrut. 6. Old Holy Powders (Phong Phyttakhun, Phong Itthije, Phong Pattamang) from Wat Rakang. 7. Leftover Powder from LP Toh, Wat Radoochimplee 8. Leftover Powder from LP Hiang, Wat Pa Chonburi 9. Broken amulets from ancient pagodas of Lamphun Province Effects: - Boost your wealth, business, sales and gambling luck. (Main and side wealth) - Enhance your metta and relationships, boosting loving kindness charm and boundless friendliness for yourself and others to you. - Change luck from bad to good luck. - Protection and prevent bad stuff from happening. - Avoid backstabbers or negative matters from affecting your life. Suitable for: working individuals who needs luck in their career or business, and some side luck for gambling (4D, Toto betting etc.) Tags: Thai amulets somdej kp khun pean lp Koon l par lp thuad pidta chinaraj Jtk lersi butterfly takrut Toh Tim rian locket Kring salika pong tong prom sakorn chuchok egf er ge Feng nang kwa pikanet sangkachai naga wealth fortune luck protection Ganesha luang phor luang pu archan ac loop om lor palakit kruba aj moon baeng udom subin money monk kmt gambling pae bucha

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