Lp Koon Lotus Leaf Phra Pidta Koon Larp(Multiple Of Wealth And Luck) BE2517 (C.E1974)


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By Lp Koon!!Highly Recommended!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> For PM At Good Price Only 3Pieces Available ^^Lp Koon Lotus Leaf Phra Pidta Koon Larp(Multiple Of Wealth And Luck) BE2517 (C.E1974)^^ *Comes Verified And Certified With DD PHRA CERT* Temple:Wat Bahnrai, Nakhonratchasima province. Size:2.6cm x 1.6cm (Already Encased In High Quality Waterproof Casing) Amounts Made:5,000Pieces Info: Very Early And Rare Unseen Batch, Lp Koon had perform a private event blessing and consecration ceremony on the night of 29 June B.E.2517, during the ceremony. Lp Koon was alone in the dark, only with his candle lights and starts blessing at 11.00 PM, until around 2.30 AM,people saw some bright light from inside LP.Koon's Kuthi total of 5 times. Materials Used To Made For This Batch: 1)Phra Pidta made of sacred powder from Wat Rakhang 2)Wooden ashes from Somdej Toh's Kuthi 3)powder of Somdej Pa Wat Pho 4)powder of Somdej Yanasangworn 5)powder of Jitlada Wat Baworn 6) LP.Koon's Trimas powder 7)powder of LP.Toh Wat praduchimplee 8) powder of LP.Wat Paknam 9) powder of LP.Sothorn 10)powder of Somdej Piland 11) powder of Somdej Buengprayasuraind 12) powder of Phra Wat Sampluem 13)powder of Phra Bang 14) powder of Somdej Phra Sangkharaj Pae Wat Suthat 15) powder of Phra Kampaeng San 16)powder of Nang Phaya Ngewdum 17)Bai Nguen Bai Thong powder of LP.Koon 18)Loop om of LP.Pring Wat Bang Pakok 19)Loop om of LP.Tim Wat Laharnrhai and kesa of LP.Koon 20) also 108 kinds of Wan Herbs I super highly recommended this for those who are looking for a good pidta to wear and will specially be letting all own one at a very good price. Famous Incident: At the year in BE2536(C.E1993),Lp Koon's fame reached new height,when a women was pulled out alive from rubble of a collapsed hotel clutching tightly onto Lp Koon Image amulet. Purpose: Phra PidTa blessed by Lp Koon has superb power of bringing mass wealth and charm. For wealth, Phra PidTa will bring good luck to the worshipper and make the worshipper run business very well. For charm, whoever worships Phra PidTa will be admired and get mercy and kindness from people.