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For PM Last Piece Good Condition And Super Good Unbeatable Price!! SUPER RARE LP KUAY BE2515 SOMDEJ MARKET PRICE WITH REAL SILVER LONGYA CASING AND CERT IS $4xx-$5xx!! ^^Lp Kuay Phra Somdej Lang Phra Sivali Nur Phong BE2515(C.E1972)^^ Temple:Lp Kuay(Wat Kositaram),released at Wat Pattana to help raise funds for repair of temple. *Comes Verified And Certified With DD PHRA CERT* -Another Important Points To Note Is That For This Batch,every pieces are being hand pressed into the mould so that why the edges are not smooth. -As Of Now,Its common to see Lp Kuay's some BE2515 batch of amulets trading at the market for close to $1xxx now. Material Made : Holy clay, Phong Bailan period baked clay amulets including the Phra Somdej Lang Sivali were mixed with Nur Phong Powders Size :4.5cm x 3cm (Comes Wrapped In Real Silver Longya Waterproof Casing) Info: LP Kuay's are very famous for his amulets and are so efficacious for drawing in Charm,Wealth and Fortune, many say they are like a super big magnets for prosperity attraction. LP Kuay made and blessed so many amulets of various contents--holy powder, baked clay, metals, carving items, MeedMohs, Phayants etc. LP Kuay also made and blessed various types of amulets for people, mostly are baked clay,nur phong powders and Bailan He stressed that whoever wear his amulets and think good and do good everyday, that person will sooner or later become a millionaire or billionaire. Purpose: Phra Somdej by Lp Kuay has many superb powers such as protect a worshiper from bad things, dangers and black magic. And Also,this batch of Phra Somdej Amulet has excellent power bringing great charm and good luck to wearer and easily can get favour and help from others,ensuring smooth in everything you do. Bio Of Lp Kuay: LP Kuay was a disciple of LP Sri, Wat PhraPrang, Singhburi Province, and LP Doem of Wat NongPho, Nakornsawan Province. LP Kuay's forefinger is so powerful, a glass will be broken just as he is pointing to. After an amulet blessing ceremony at Wat Thathong, Suphanburi province, LP Toh, Wat Pradoo Chimplee had pointed to LP Kuay and asked Mr. Thanong Laokordee, " Who is that Guru monk ?" " He is LP Kuay, from Chainart," replied Mr. Thanong. " His meditative ray is so bright and powerful," said LP Toh. LP Kuay ate only one meal a day. In the later part of his life he ate so little, but his face and body was still so bright. When he was ill in the early of B.E. 2522, he used a blue-ink pen drawing a circle around a date on the calendar--and a month later it's exactly the date that he passed away!!

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