Lp Kuay Wat Kositaram Phra Somdej Back Sivali


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Amulet: Phra Somdej Back Sivali Lp Kuay Wat Kositaram Bailan Pim Yai large waist Year : 2515 BE Master : Lp Kuay Temple : Wat Ratchanada Material : Holy powder & Phong Bailan LP Kuay's early-period baked clay amulets including the Sivali were mixed with fine ground fragments of Muang Sarn's antique amulets--they are damaged fragments brought to him by his disciples. Bio: LP Kuay's Sivalis are so efficacious for drawing in Wealth and Fortune, many say they are like big magnets for prosperity attraction. The frontside of the amulet is Sivali's pilgrimage posture with his full gears viz umbrella tent, rice bowl, monk bag, and stick. Sivali is a main major symbol of wealth, fortune and abundance. Sivali lived in Buddha time and attained Arahantship. He was an important disciple of Lord Buddha and praised by the Lord as the top of all monks for fortune drawing. In every place where Sivali passed by and reached, all livings--humans and Devas--would gather to present him food and all other needed things for monkhood living. Many times that Lord Buddha made long-distant journeys to barren areas with a big group of disciple monks, Lord Buddha would request Sivali to lead the monks' lines to draw food to come. LP Kuay made and blessed so many amulets of various contents--holy powder, baked clay, metals, carving items, MeedMohs, Phayants etc. LP Kuay also made and blessed various types of Sivali amulets for people, mostly are baked clay and black Bailan. While LP Kuay was still alive, he highly respected Sivali and chanted Sivali Katha everyday to draw donors to come and donate money for temple renovation. LP Kuay also suggested people to chant Sivali Katha by emphasizing that the Katha would bring wealth and fortune. He stressed that whoever chants the Katha everyday, that person will sooner or later become a millionaire or billionaire. Please see the above pic for LP Kuay's handwriting on Sivali Katha and his recommendation to chant for wealth and fortune. LP Kuay was a disciple of LP Sri, Wat PhraPrang, Singhburi Province, and LP Doem of Wat NongPho, Nakornsawan Province. LP Kuay's forefinger is so powerful, a glass will be broken just as he is pointing to. After an amulet blessing ceremony at Wat Thathong, Suphanburi province, LP Toh, Wat Pradoo Chimplee had pointed to LP Kuay and asked Mr. Thanong Laokordee, " Who is that Guru monk ?" " He is LP Kuay, from Chainart," replied Mr. Thanong. " His meditative ray is so bright and powerful," said LP Toh. LP Kuay ate only one meal a day. In the later part of his life he ate so little, but his face and body was still so bright. When he was ill in the early of B.E. 2522, he used a blue-ink pen drawing a circle around a date on the calendar--and a month later it's exactly the date that he passed away !! LP Kuay passed away on April 12, B.E.2522 at the age of 74--after ordination for his monkhood for 53 years.