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^^Lp Lard(Disciple Of Lp Um)Thailand Number One Hand Carved Lightning Strike Buffalo Horn Phae(Goat) BE2500(C.E1957)^^ **Comes Verified And Certified With THAPRACHAN CERT**(Thailand Top Recognised Cert Co) Temple:Wat Nong Krabok Size: (Already Wrapped In Real 18k Gold Casing) Info: Lp Lard was a disciple of both Lp Wong, (Wat Bahn Khai) and Lp Um, (Wat Nong Krabok), both of whom were considered the top guru monks of Rayong province in the province's history. Brief Introduction Of Phae Amulet: Phae amulets are a very special and difficult to made type of Khreung Rang amulets. The pre-requisite for a piece of suitable horn material to do this batch involves a buffalo that has to be naturally struck dead by lightning which is SUPER RARE and a few other stringent criterias. Extra Info Sharing: (The REASON why its the horn must be taken from a buffalo which was unfortunately struck by lightning,is in Thailand,its is believed that when struck by LIGHTNING, its is tantamount to receiving great and unrivaled blessing directly from the heaven,as its is not a very common occurrence,it does happen with some regularity in Thailand especially during the rainy season. Then,when the horns is being brought over to the temple,its must firstly be blessed at the main ubosot for a period of few months to cleanse away all the negative energies from the sudden death before the horns are brought to various appointed craftsmen for making the Phae amulets( Kruenlang amulet). The reason as to why buffalo horn is needed is because the buffalo is a very tough and strong animal which is almost impervious to physical harm (Khong Krapan Chatri). In Thailand, the goat is known to be a very attractive animal in the animal kingdom because the male goat will always be accompanied by many female goats. The female goats will very often fight among themselves for the attention of the male goat and hence the belief that the goat has extremely great charisma and opposite sex attraction (Metta Mahaniyom / Metta Mahasaneh). So, it is very commonly believed that people who are involved in occupations involving sales and in own business line will be the ones greatly benefitting from Phae amulets. Brief History Of The Masters: Lp Um, one of the master of Lp Lard, was very famous and is recognized as the No.1 for his Phae amulets, which have proven to be super effective that it is quickly snapped up if have. But, due to the high price (usually amounting to hundreds of thousands of baht), there are more imitation pieces available than the genuine ones. So,many local devotees and overseas devotees will get Lp Lard’s Phae ,as Lp Lard,who was a disciple of Lp Um mastered all the skills and incantations required directly from Lp Um to consecrate effective Phae amulets. After Lp Am passed away, Lp Lard was appointed the abbot of Wat Nong Krabok and remained in his appointment from B.E.2495 until he passed away in B.E.2531. Lp Lard was the only disciple to inherit the ORIGINAL instructions manual to create effective Phae amulets from Lp Um. Lp Lard was also one of the teachers of Luang Pu Sinn, Wat Lahanyai, Rayong. This BATCH OF LP LARD PHAE(GOAT) amulets also received SUPER MANY and COUNTLESS of GOOD FEEDBACKS,for those who have can attest to it,especially good for devotees in sale or business lines.SUPER POWER MAK MAK👍👍👍 For PM($1xxx) Only One With REAL GOLD CASING (PERSONALLY BOTH HAND RAISED UP HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)!!

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