Lp Ler Pink Na O Teck V2 Handmade Takrut Be2561 (PM ➡️ Price for each)


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PM ➡️ price. Recommended to improve relationships with people around you. 4289 is just a lucky numbers that we like. Amulet: Na O Teck Takrut batch 2 思念符管 Material & year: Powder Takrut, Be2561 (2018) Master: LP Ler, Wat Gon Cha Ngok Effect: ☑️ This takrut is called Takrut Na O Teck as it make the wearer more charming. ☑️ For couples they will be loving while for singles they will draw attention to their opposite sex. ☑️ This is a powerful takrut which make people hard to forget you and leave people a good impression of you until they wish to see you more often. Pink symbolise relationships with people, harmony and love. With the popularity for this takrut, Lp Ler released this special colour for all of you to have an opportunity to wear one. Na o Teck, which means "if I don't see you, I will miss you" help the wearer to receive good feeling from the opposite parties (singles, couples, customers, colleagues). This amulet can be wear on neck, pocket, bag or key chain. We can also provide katha upon purchase. Chris Amulets went up personally to find Lp ler to get this powerful amulet. Lp Ler had also further blessed all the amulets intensively upon chowing from him and we hope to spread the goodness to each of you. Due to lp's fame for famous in takruts and good reviews from devotees, his holy items are in demand due to they are personally made by lp Ler himself. Luang phor Ler may stay up till 1-2am to make the holy amulets just to ensure every one get to own a piece made by him. Watch Lp Ler Blessing video recorded by us: https://www.facebook.com/100003676163223/posts/1317675198365006/ ---------------- Biography LP Ler learnt many old magic subjects for making effective Takruts from LP Salat, & was made famous during one chanting ceremony at Wat Pradoosongtam. During the ceremony, LP chanted and the holy water in front of him start spinning in the tank & eventually the tank exploded. Currently, LP Ler is highly respected as the 2nd LP Kalong in Thailand. LP's Takruts are famous in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore & China. ---------------- We are a registered business seller in Singapore & our official site is www.csgamulet.com. 🎯Do you want to OPTIMISE amulet experience? Know wealth fetching techniques? OR MORE? Book your one-on-one coaching lesson with us to learn more, gain knowledge and more! ➡️bit.ly/amuletlesson

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easy to deal with! prompt reply and reliable! item well received! thank you!