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LP Lersi Lingdam Luang Phor Parn sitting on Holy Chicken 2527 Status: Legendary, Rare, Unique, Webmaster's Choice. Please contact for best price. Self collection at Bedok Mall Mcdonalds or Bedok North Street 3 Block 524 or free registered mail. In pristine collectible condition. Made of holy clay and old powder of LP Parn. Amulet features the image of Luang Phor Parn sitting on a holy chicken. Chickens and roosters signify wealth in Thai culture. In photograph 2, collectors can clearly set the powder of LP Parn embedded at the top of the amulet. Hand molded, not factory pumped. Comes with waterproof casing, ready for wear. Great as gifts to closed friends, good relatives, respected elders, VIPs or boss. As of 2017 (Buddhist year 2560), this amulet is 33 years old. Strongly recommended for businessmen/women, entrepreneurs, hawkers, shop owner and taxi drivers. Effects: Business, charm, Fengshui, luck, main wealth, protection and safety. 功效: 1. 成愿 2. 正财 3. 人缘 4. 风水镇宅 5. 安全护身 6. 避邪挡降 Cons: Must wear above waist. Need to remove amulet if you are doing adult stuff with your partner. Full refund if proven fake by temples (Wat Thasung or Wat Bangnomco, Ayutthaya), major Southeast Asian amulet shop (with evidence to back it up), verification services (if you travel to Bangkok for vacation) or competition. I will also pay back the money for your verification services ($25 SGD). Happy with my service, please give me a recommendation feedback, I will respond in kind. If you are interested please chat or send your email to Looking for other Thai amulets? Please check out my other listings. My Singapore POSB bank account: 120-78863-9

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