LP Maha Surasak & Phra Ajarn Idd - Phra Khunphaeng Phong Plaai Pak Son Khong


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Item : Phra Khunphaeng Phong Plaai Pak Son Khong Master : LP Maha Surasak & Phra Ajarn Idd Temple : Wat Pradoo & Wat Chulamanee Year : 2558 Effect: • Helps in people-people relationships • Brings abundance wealth & prosperity • Metta Mahalap • Enhances opposite sex attraction immensely • Increases your popularity greatly • Wearer to be well liked and well loved Additional info: This batch is termed as Phra Khunphaeng Phong Plaai Pak Son Khong. This batch uses Phong Plaai guman (baby ashes) of various temples which were sponsored; including the famous Phong plaai of LP Tim Wat Lahanrai. Ajarn Chum Chaikiri, the famous kalawat of Kao Or lineage whom is famous for his metta senah metta cream was also involved indirectly. His cream which is made from elephant extracts of good mating periods (selective days and time of mating) was also added to the material of this Phra KP. This cream was also blessed and enhanced extensively by Ajarn Chum himself for this event. The consecration was held at Monalitit for the Scholarship of Poor in Nakhon Pathom on 25th Feb 2558 which all the KP were hand pressed by either Phra Maha Surasak or Ajarn Idd till the materials were exhausted. Only 616 sets were consecrated and mass chanted by 99 monks with Phra Maha Surasak and Ajarn Idd leading the chanting. The funds gathered were fully donated to sponsor the scholarships for poor students. 💰 Renting price at only $128/- ✉️ Postage within Singapore only $2 for normal mail (at your own risk) Add $4 for registered mail Self Collection at Bedok