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LP NAK - BE2495(1952) - PHRA SOMDEJ PROKPHO JOOD LANG YANT, PIM YAK 龙婆纳 - 佛历2495(1952) - 帕菩提叶经文崇迪/顺德佛,大模 WAT RAKANG KOSITARAM (TEMPLE OF THE BELLS), BANGKOK 瓦拉康佛寺(钟庙),曼谷 LP NAK PASSED AWAY ON 15TH JANUARY BE2514(1971), AT THE AGE OF 86 YEARS OLD. 龙婆纳师父已经于佛历2514(1971)年1月15日过逝,享年85岁。 COLLECTOR ITEM. 收藏家的选择。 KINDLY REFER TO THE FOLLOWING LINK FOR OTHER SIMILIAR AMULETS 请仔细查阅以下链接于其他的相似佛宝 * LP NAK & LP HIN - BE2493(1950) - PHRA SOMDEJ PINGYA 龙婆纳+龙婆兴 - 佛历2493(1950) - 帕屏牙崇迪/顺德佛 * LP PILAN (SOMDEJ PHRA PHUTTHABHAT) - BE2423(1880) - PHRA SOMDEJ 龙婆比兰(崇迪拍不踏沾它) - 佛历2423(1880) - 帕崇迪/顺德佛 * LP HIN - BE2497(1954) - PHRA SOMDEJ 龙婆兴 - 佛历2497(1954) - 帕崇迪/顺德佛 * LP PILAN (SOMDEJ PHRA PHUTTHABHAT) - BE2407-2411(1864-1868) - PHRA SOMDEJ, PIM LEK 龙婆比兰(崇迪拍不踏沾它) - 佛历2407-2411(1864-1868) - 帕崇迪/顺德佛,小模 * LP HIN - BE2490-2493(1947-1950) - PHRA SOMDEJ PIM LEK, UNCUT MOULD 龙婆兴 - 佛历2490-2493(1947-1950) - 帕崇迪/顺德佛,小模,无切模 * 瓦拉康 - 佛历2515(1972) - 阿赞多大师百年纪念版崇迪/顺德佛牌 - 圣图 WAT RAKANG - BE2515(1972) - SOMDEJ ROYPEE (100YEAR) - SHENGTOH * NO RESERVATION, DEAL CLOSE UPON SUCCESSFUL TRANSFERRING OF FUND. 1ST COME 1ST SERVED. ** PRICING ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE. ALL PROPOSED RATE INCLUSIVE OF NORMAL MAIL, UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTIFY. *** ADD $5.00 FOR LOCAL (SINGAPORE) REGISTERED MAIL (EXCLUDE BUCHAN). OVERSEA POSTAGE ARE TO BE ADVISED. **** STRICTLY BY MEANT OF REGISTERED POSTAGE ONLY. PANALAI WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OF POSTAGE SHOULD BUYER INSISTED IN USING NORMAL POST. ***** 100% AUTHENTICA, PANALAI WILL GUARANTEE A 100% FULL REFUND IF BUYER ARE ABLE TO PROVIDE EVIDENCE TO PROVE THAT THE AMULETS/BUCHA/TARKUT RENTED FROM PANSLAI ARE OF FAKE PRODUCT. ****** ALL PROPOSED TRADING ARE NOT WELCOME * 无预留,帕纳莱佛寺只会处理成功转账买家的交易,并以先付款先得的条件处理。 ** 定价,不可商议。 所有提出的价格已包含了正常邮寄,除非另行通知。 *** 本地(新加坡)邮寄请加$ 5.00挂号费 (不包括佛像),国外邮费另计。 **** 帕纳莱佛寺坚决提议以挂号邮寄的方式处理所恭请的圣物,如果买家坚持使用普通邮寄的方式处理,帕纳莱佛寺将不会为丢失的包裹承担任何责任。 ***** 如果买家可以提出由佛牌协会或比赛委员团的证明文件以证明向帕纳莱佛舍所恭请到的是假的护身符/佛牌/佛像/佛宝,帕纳莱佛舍将会无条件100%全额退款。 ****** 帕纳莱佛寺绝不会考虑,也不会接受任何潜在买家提议以物换物的建议。 PLEASE REMEMBER TO HELP "LIKE" MY FB PAGE, THIS WILL ABLE YOU TO CONTINUE RECEIVING NEW UPDATE & INFORMATION. 请记得"LIKE"佛缘品帕纳莱的专业面书以继续获得新的信息和资料 Get Carousell app now! - Come see what I'm selling on Carousell: 免费网址但需要下载程序,可以及时查看我上载的佛牌资料

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What I post will be what you will get. It is marked at pricing as posted and inclusive of NORMAL postage as indicated, unless otherwise agreedfore. 1. Please do drop me an offer in this posting should you confirm your interest. 2. Do help to transfer the amount to POSB SAVING 092-18609-1, send me the photo of proof after you have successfully transfer the agreed amount and I will than follow up from there. 2A. Please be informed that normal postage are inclusive, however, I will not be responsible for any lost of mail. 2B. To ops for registered mail, please add $5 to the total, and I will provide you with the tracking# upon posting. 2C. For self collection with Cash On Delivery will be at Pioneer MRT station at a mutual agreed timing that convenient for both parties. 2D. Home delivery can be arrange at $20/trip/location, again, will be at a mutual agreed timing that convenient for both parties. Thank you