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By Lp Pae!!Super Highly Recommended For All Who Finding A Good Somdej To Wear Or Collect!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> For PM At Very Good Price!! Only 3Pieces Available!! ^^Lp Pae Phra Somdej(Phim Yai)108 Kesorn BE2509 (C.E1966)^^ *Comes Verified And Certified With DD PHRA CERT* Temple:Wat Pikulthong Size:2.3 x 3.6 cm (Encased In Waterproof Casing) Info: Phra Somdej Kesorn 108,is made in B.E.2509 by Lp Pae. This batch was considered as the Second Phra Somdej batch from LP Pae. The First Batch Phra Somdej was a Phim Than Bua (Lotus Base), commonly known as the Trial Phim. Because this Somdej Phim is similar to Phra Somdej Phim Tuen made in B.E.2494. This batch is also very highly revered and considered as a good piece to wear or keep even for collection and price is very affordable at least still for now. Market Price For All For Now Is Already $3xx and mostly for now selling price is also $2xxSGD but for today,chance to own one piece at a super good promo giving back to thanks all price.PM ME to know more👍👍 Purpose: This batch of Somdej by Lp Pae are also regarded to be one of the best in Thai History. Phra Somdej amulet has many great miracle powers such as protect worshiper from dangerous, accident and weapon. Also,its well known and famous that Phra Somdej amulet also can bring wealth, progression and good fortune to wearer and worshipers.

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