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Takrut Tone Roon 2 (2nd Batch with temple original plastic casing) BE2524 (Length : 5.5cm / 2 inches) LP Pae Wat Phikunthong Wrapped in waterproofing casing for immediate wear. Tag: thai amulet, somdej, lp thuad, khun phean, kp, butterfly, lp koon, lp pae, pikanet, chinaraj, jatukam, lersi, nak prok, pitda, nang kwa, buddha, phra phrom, kuba krissana, sangkachai, takrut, lp toh, lp tim, pu toh, pu tim, rian, locket, kring, salika, lp pong, lp tong, lp prom, lp sakorn, chu chok, khun pean, egf, er ge feng, phra, rian, wat pikulthong

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