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One Of The Best Somdej Created By Lp Suk In BE2460(100Years Ago)Thailand History Top 10 Monks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> For PM At Good Price Only One Pc(As Per Pics) ^^Lp Suk Super Rare And Famous Phra Somdej Kru BE2560 (CE1917)^^ *Comes With DD PHRA Authentication Cert* -This is not the normal Lp Suk Somdej Batch,this batch is much more rare and almost invisible in the market already. -Many At that Era Believed Lp Suk have very high magic and wiccha and is till today still the only one to be able to control the weather,fire,water land,soil(呼风唤雨) -神通第一的高僧,也是唯一,一位能够掌握风、水、火、土四种属性108种法门的高僧 -The Rarest Batch Of Lp Suk's Somdej Temple:Wat Klong Klom Size:4cm X 3cm Materials Made:Nur Phong See Khao(Kept In Chedi On Info: Lp Suk created this batch in B.E.2460, Lp Aum(his disciple) put in the kru of Krongkhom. (Kru = Pit under the pagoda). When Lp Suk was still alive, he have been invited by many temples to visit the ceremony consecrating holy items. Lp Suk created this batch with purpose to help gain donation to build the temple at Wat Krongkhom. Lp Suk follow the same way Somdej Toh created PhraSomdej Pimjawragar the black PhraSomdej, each of book palm leafs he wrote with his yants spell letters and old scrolls book made from book palm leafs. Altogether Lp Suk burn the book palm leafs and made into black holy ash, while doing that,he walk around doing meditation around the fire together with Lp Aum. Thai people believe that this will make the ingredients and the effect of the amulets very power and give worshippers good health good luck and invincible in everything they do. Phra Somdej Kru are written with yants letters by white chalk and rub out into the white holy powder mixed with ittijay,the main holy powder to creating white holy powder amulet mix with Tung-Aew oils, the amulet is believed to then bring good protection fortune to the wearer, protection from dangers misfortune evils/darkness, Phra Somdej blessing will also bring respectful from all others, these amulets are believed to have the same power and created in similar to Phra Somdej amulets by Somdej Toh founded at Wat Barngkhunphrom(Wat Intraviharn in B.E.2500+). When they have finish making these amulets out from the mold. They chanted them 1 trimarth (3 months). According to evidence recorded at Krongkhom and local people of sarm chuk, there are big consecration ceremony of these amulets in B.E.2460. Lp Aum as an abbot of the temple and Lp Suk was a leader of the ceremony. In this ceremony there are many monks who have joined from Supanburi province, Chainarth province and all around. The well known monks at that era that joined this ceremony are: 1)Lp Boi WatManao 2)Lp Aim WatHuakao 3)Lp Parn WatBarngnomko After the ceremony, there are many left over of the holy powder amulets and few left of brass amulets. Lp Suk decide to put them in the "kru" for future explansion of the temple, one at chukchee under the main buddha statue inside the church and one under the pit of pagoda infront of the church. At the kru, it's craft and wrote "Luangpu Sook's amulets kru. Lp Suk amulets open at kru(at the main buddha statue) Krongkhom in B.E.2520 and continue for several years. There are mass amount of amulets and many thai experience collectors have rush to go collect since then. Some even bought hundreds of these amulets.10-20 years ago, one of thailand amulet magazine open the market and sell these amulet. The roof of this kru got a hole and so raindrops leak inside. There are 2 class of space made inside the kru. The small top class amulets look clean by the rain. For the large bott kru, the amulet is filled with sands. The temple found other kru again in B.E.2524 febuary-march in front of the ordation hall, actually was a burglar who discovered it. They have steal several from the pagoda at night time and the temple have to repair this pagoda in B.E.2524. During the repair they found the kru, and there were 100,000approximately of Lp Suk amulets found inside. Special Feature Of The Somdej: The white Phra Somdej will bend curve a little due to the ittijay powder materials, both type some of the amulets can see the finger print which is handmade pump out from the mould. The skin is dry for 100 years old amulets, some have sand/clay sticked depend on where they put the amulet in the kru. Purpose: Lp Suk's Somdej are regarded to be one of the best in Thai History and many had said the power is of par and similar with Somdej Toh's Somdej ,as the method of conscreation are the same also. Phra Somdej amulet by LP Suk has many great miracle powers such as protect worshiper from dangerous, accident and weapon. Also,its well known and famous that Phra Somdej Kru amulet by Lp Suk also can bring wealth, progression and good fortune to wearer and worshipers as its had even been featured in Thai newspaper in the past at some point.

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