Lp Thong Dum SUPER EARLY and SUPER RARE BATCH Black Wood HAND CARVED Phra CHINNARAJ Mai Ngiw Dam BE2523 (C.E1980)


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By Lp Thong Dum!!Super Highly Recommended.VERY RARE BATCH OF BLACK WOOD HAND CARVED PHRA CHINNARAJ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> For PM At Good Price!! Only One. ^^Lp Thong Dum SUPER EARLY and SUPER RARE BATCH Black Wood HAND CARVED Phra CHINNARAJ Mai Ngiw Dam BE2523 (C.E1980)^^ *Comes Verified And Certified With U Amulet CERT* Temple:Wat Thamtakpian Thong Size:2.8cm x 2.7cm (Encased In REAL SILVER Casing) Materials Made:HAND Carved From BLACK WOOD Materials. Info: Another Super Rare And Early Batch Of Powerful Phra CHINNARAJ BE2523 Carved From BLACK WOOD,with very intricate design and blessed by Lp Thong Dum. Lp Thong Dum's amulets are now very well known among collectors as due to the market value is now increasing very fast due to many devotees who worn his amulets all experienced good things and big improvement in life,with TONS OF GOOD FEEDBACKs. As for this due to only very limited amounts was being made,so not many is available in the market and its surely something worthy for collectors or even for devotees who want to wear.Still At An Affordable Price To Get Now. Purpose: Phra Buddha Chinnaraj is considered to be one of the most powerful and respected Buddha in Thailand. It is also regarded as a perfect Buddha in the Thai Kingdom. The sculpture of this Buddha for Success traced back to AD1357 with over 650 years of history. During the Sukhothai era, King Mahathamma Racha Lithai felt devastated over the many deaths due to war. Feeling unrest due to the fear of Karma for the many killings had caused King Lithai grave concerns. In order to reduce his own Karma and seek forgiveness from his lost soldiers at the battlefield, he wanted to perform some good deeds. Hence, King Lithai ordered the construction of Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat, the main temple for Phra Chinnaraj. More importantly, the King had wished to have 3 residing Buddha gilded in gold to be constructed and placed inside the new temple; Phra Buddha Chinnaraj, Phra Buddha Chinnasri and Phra Buddha Satsada. Phra Chinnaraj is very popular in Thailand. Chinnaraj Buddha can bestow good luck, wealth, fortune and smooth sailing in career and victory in all walks of life for his devotees. It can also increase business sales and improve interpersonal relationship with people. There are many people who worship Phra Chinnaraj or wears the amulet and it is known to really boost their luck and sales. It should be worn on a everyday basis if you really wish to see good results and have blessings from Phra Chinnaraj.