Lp Thong Suk Phra Pitda Pim Chalut Yai BE2500(C.E1957)


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Super RARE Phra PIDTA BY LP THONG SUK!!Super Highly Recommended For Pidtas Lover. -TONS OF GOOD FEEDBACKS!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FOR PM ONLY ONE AT GOOD PRICE. ^^Lp Thong Suk Phra Pitda Pim Chalut Yai BE2500(C.E1957)^^ *Comes Verified And Certified With DD PHRA CERT* Temple:Wat Sapansoong Size:3cm x 2.2cm (Wrapped In Waterproof Casing) Info: This Pidta is one of the early batch created by Lp Thongsuk and it is covered with Mai rak. This Phim is known as "Phim Chalut Yai" and this is also the most popular mould with navel button. Pra Pitda amulets are some of the most sacred Thai amulets originating from Wat Sapansoong highly respected by all amulet collectors and devotees. These amulets were created by some of the best known Thais guru monks such as Lp Iam who created the very first prototype, Lp Glin and Lp Thongsuk being disciples created almost identical amulets. All Phra Pitda amulets from this temple are very expensive, but those blessed by Lp Thongsuk are now still the most reasonably priced and well within the budget of most collectors. Sacred Powder After Lp Glin had passed away, two of his closest followers namely Lp Thongsuk and Lp Pun (later appointed as the abbot of Wat Intaram, Bangkok), divided the sacred powders of Lp Glin and his predecessor, Lp Iam, into two parts, one part inherited by Lp Thongsuk, the other by Lp Pun. It was recorded in temple documentation that the sacred powders namely Patamung, Ittijay, Maharach, Buddhakun, Itipiso, Trinisinghe, Trisaranakom, Yant Mahasolosmongkol must be created in the temple and pass several-months of sacred spell reciting ceremonies before they could be used. Moreover parts of the sacred powder must be kept in the temple and used to create more sacred powder in the future by this way the sacred powder would be preserved and also exist in newly produced powder. Lp Thongsuk mixed his powders with many other sacred powders, creating more than 30 different pims including Phra Pitda, Phra Pong , etc, during the period B.E.2491-2525. Above all he was of course best known for his Phra Pitda and sacred takruts. Sacred Amulets Wat Sapansoong’s amulets are considered very sacred indeed because Lp Iam, Lp Glin and Lp Thongsuk produced them strictly according to the ancient sacred sciences, using identical methodologies to both Lp Iam and Lp Glin. As such all of his amulets are highly respected as those of the senior sacred monks. Lp ThongSuk never taught the sacred science to create these amulets to anyone else. On his death bed,the sacred science and knowledge was to die with him. One of the many reasons that the amulets are not only valuable but increase in price every year. Purpose: Phra Pidta amulet by LP ThongSuk is very well known in Thailand because this powerful amulet can protect worshiper from harm, weapon, black magic and bad thing. By the way,this powerful Phra Pidta amulet also can protect devotees from poverty,bad luck and bad things in life and ensure everything smooth sailing.