Lp Tim SUPER RARE And Famous Money Bags Nang Kwak Rian BE2517(C.E1974)


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Don't Miss!!Rare Batch Of Nang Kwak By Lp Tim!!Outside Pricing Already $500 Plus Selling. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> For PM At Very Good Price Only One!! ^^Lp Tim SUPER RARE And Famous Money Bags Nang Kwak Rian BE2517(C.E1974)^^ *Comes Verified And Certified With DD PHRA CERT* Temple:Wat Lahanrai Size:4.5cm x 4cm (Wrapped And Encased In Beautiful REAL SILVER LONGYA CASING) Materials Made:Thong Daeng Metals Info: This Money Bag Nang Kwak By Lp Tim BE2517 had been featured in Lp Tim's Thick Book Of His Famous And Greatest Batch Of Amulets He ever Made and blessed during his lifetime. Very RARE and FAMOUS Batch,now the price for this piece are also slowing soaring each year and outside selling price is currently at $500 and Above!!. A Very Solid And Powerful Amulet For Wearer And Even For Collectors Who Want To Keep. Purpose: Goddess of Wealth, also known as Nang Kwak is well-known as the guardian to business owners in Thailand,her right hand is in beckoning gesture, with pouch on her left leg, having strong effect in attracting wealth. Its also symbolizes wealth, career and happiness can be accumulated and retained. Nang Kwak are suitable to be enshrined at home or stores as this goddess has great effect in prospering business. Enshrine Nang Kwak sincerely could receive blessings and improve to better lives, also bring good fortune and wealth fortune to worshiper. Offering Methods: Worshipers can offer sandalwood, red color drinks, fresh fruits, fresh flower(lotus is better choice), desserts, perfumes, cosmetics such as lipstick, eye shadow or nail polish to Nang Kwak. When your wish is granted, you could return thanks by offering colorful or gold jewelry, such as necklaces or bracelets.