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Famous Quote By Lp Yit:Lp YID famously say before,"Whoever wear my palakits will received love and mercy from people and run business well". Selling Price Outside Is About $328 And Above !! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> For PM At Good Price Lp Yit,"Thailand History MOST FAMOUS PALAKIT Master". ^^Lp Yit SUPER FAMOUS Black Wood Palakit BE2536(C.E1993)^^ *Comes Verified And Certified With DD PHRA CERT* Size:3.5 cm x 2cm Info: SUPER Rare And Also This Is The Batch Of Palakit which made LP YID VERY FAMOUS, in BE 2536. Its is carved by sacred Black Wood with Hand write Yant and temple code chop,and this batch is also the most highly sought after and believed by Thai And even overseas devotees to be the most powerful batch made by Lp Yit himself and belong yo the most highest range of collectibles amulets itself. Many Thai Devotees and Businessmans also keep his this batch of palakits as Lp YID famously say before,"Whoever wear my palakits will received lover and mercy from people and run business well". This batch of palakits made him famous throughout the kingdom and also the late LP Yit was super famous for making powerful Palakits that were "live" and able to move on its own. Miracle Incident: There was once an incident in BE2519,where 4 Thai policeman wanted to test out the power of Lp Yit Takrut and tied it to a tree,then they take turns to shoot at it,but miraculously,all the 4guns cannot be fired,all of them was in shocked.But one of the policeman do not believed and take one more bullet and wanted to try,just when he wanted to shoot,the whole gun burst and rendered spoilt.also,another miracle is not a single of them was injured.Its only at this moment then they believed the power Of Lp Yid takruts. Effect : Best for secure good fortune in business, Great money Luck, Great charms and Strong in bringing up your opposite sex attraction.Also will attract more people to want to talk to you.

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