#LPK-52. A Pack of 300 Sheets Dark Blue Origami Lotus Paper Folding Kit for 3pcs Small Size Lotus. (TX paper series).


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A pack of 300 sheets origami lotus paper folding kit for making 3pcs size small dark blue color lotus. You will receive the following items in a package :- 1). Total amount of 300 sheets color paper in 2 colors: 60 sheets in green and 240 sheets in dark blue color. Each sheet measures approximately 5.8cm x 2.9cm. 2). 2 pieces of hand-folded sample petals: green and dark blue each. 3). One finished sample "Unit". An "Unit" refers to 2pcs of green color petals joined with another piece green petal with glue. 4). One sheet of printed instruction on "How to make an origami lotus". The amount of papers is sufficient to complete the making of 3 pieces size small lotus. A size small lotus consists of a total number of 10 layers of paper petals: the base has 2 layers usually in green color and 10 petals in each layer. The flower consists of 8 layers in the varieties of colors and each layer has 10 petals. Total number of petals required to complete the small lotus is 100 pieces. A finished size small lotus measures approximately 7cm across X 4cm in height. TX paper is specially coated with a thin layer of foil on the paper surface which gives the paper the sparkling effect. Please check out my youtube video on "How to make an origami lotus": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYvMLQURnZc --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Item condition: brand new. This item will be packed and dispatched in a paper box. Price includes SingPost postage. Your order will be dispatched to you within 1-2 business days upon confirmation of order. Thank you. Tags: b4betterlife, origami, origami lotus, paper lotus kit, lotus folding kit, water lily, lotus paper sheets, tx, tx pink, tx dark blue lotus, tx small lotus, dark blue lotus paper, small red lotus, tx lotus paper, tx lotus paper kit,

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