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One of the most famous masters of Khun Paen, LP Chuen (Churn) of Wat Ta Ee​; Buriram. Phra Khun Paen Sak Khu Tub 2543 Nur Muroon Mutoom. His Khun Paen is highly sought after for their magical effects of Metta (loving kindness), especially Mahasaneh (opposite sex attraction) as well as protection and raising of luck. When it comes to Metta and Mahasaneh however, his Khun Paen is almost always first mentioned. Leading to price increasing after his passing. And also remakes has seeped into the market. This particular KP is in immaculate condition as you can see in the photo; distinct features and clear Tanya makes this an incredible piece for collection and wearing if you so choose. Bought from Thailand back in 2010; I have decide to keep it instead of wearing after a few weeks because of its rarity and condition. Back then prices are not crazy like today. However, due to space constraint for a new member of the family; and financial burdens, I have decided to let go of my prized collections. As it has been worn, the price is greatly reduced. However; it is NON negotiable. Cliché but my loss, your gain. If you want to increase your charm, look no further. *Follow me as I will be releasing my collections at attractive prices (dont expect basement jump floor price la) as I streamline my collection into 1/10 of its size.

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