Luang Phor Koon Pidta Pra Ka Wam Bodee B.E.2532 (Phra Buddha Thai amulet Thailand amulets Lersi heng somdej Luang Phor Pu )


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This special batch of Phra Pidta was made in B.E.2532 by Luang Phor Koon of Wat Banrai. The main ingredients used is a special holy tree called “Phaya Koon” The tree was blessed in ceremony with many masters involved in the blessing. The tree was then grind to powder. The remaining rice was then blessed by LP Koon and mixed together with the tree powder. Chanting and blessing was done by LP Koon again with other Masters. A great old piece to collect as it was made when LP Koon was ~66 years old! Definitely a piece not to be missed!