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Sacred Object: Mala 108 beads Monk: Kruba Krissada Temple: Wat San Phra Chao Deang Material: Black Wood Year: 2557 Batch: Roon Laek Remarks: This batch of Mala 108 beads is consecrated by Kruba Krissada in the year of Be 2557 along with his first batch of Rian which was shown in the video that he can use the Rian to clear the rainbow in the sky. This Mala 108 beads is only given to his believers upon donation and is rarely seen in the market due to the amount made is very little. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Good for protection against black magic/evil spirits & enhance sixth sense ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow us on our Facebook page @XvThaiAmuletsGallery or ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Like us on Facebook page @ XvThaiAmuletsSalesGallery ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Do add me in my Facebook accounts to see more of my limited collection @Fong Yow Kon 100% Refund if any amulets or buchas rented are proven fake in sammakom organized competition. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No Reserve unless deposit is given. first come first serve basis Interested parties kindly please WhatsApp me at +66951047316/or Facebook private message @Fong Yow Kon We Provide Normal Waterproof, Silver Casing, 70%,80% & 90% Thai Gold Casing Services at reasonable charges

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