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Marukan Japan Cooling Mat In 4 Sizes - brand new - in stock - best self Cooling cushion around! Enjoy by my pet for the longest time - no electricity, no freezing needed, portable and fold easily - waterproof and wipe clean easy - keep your pets cooling by creating a lower temperature(by at least 6degree Celsius down) and absorbing body heat by the special internal cooling gel in spite of body or room temperature - smooth internal gel that will not harden and firmly secure with a strong cover - great for your dogs and cats during humid weather - can placed on the floor, pets bed, pets pram/stroller and see how they enjoy it. - great for human or even as a cooling fan for your laptop! - suitable for senior dog or cats - available in 4 sizes :- 1) M, 30 X 40cm, approx 700g @ $12 2) L, 50 X 40cm, approx 1kg @ $18 3) LL, 60 X 50cm, approx 1.5kg @ $24 4) XL, 90 X 50cm, approx 2kg @ $30 (great for bigger dogs or when you have more than 1 dog) - size M and L normal mail please add $2. Smartpac add $3.80 - size LL and XL Normal mail please add $3, smartpac add $4.70 - no meet up but self collection is welcome - please chat up if uncertain of size to choose - no trade and non nego - I have sold more than 100 pieces of this cooling mat here at the lowest price I can with zero complaint - - - Please do not derive your pet from enjoying a real genuine quality product by Low balling! Colours is slightly darker than photos depending on batches but it does not affect the functionality M-5 L-10 LL-9 XL-2 Bed beds Dog dogs Cat cats Toys Chew Treats

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