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Many books: self-help finance management fiction reference fiction Dilbert military war assorted


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Various books for sale at low prices (starting from $1, most between $2 and $6) -- see list below. Check out separate listings for more photos and synopsis of the books. Condition varies from New to Fair, and the books are priced according to their condition and how much they fetch on Amazon for example. NB: Softcover generally have decent paper quality. Paperback have poor paper quality -- yellowing, browning and spotting can be considerable depending on age of the book (some books are over 50 years old!). If you have military/war books that you like to exchange with any of my books, please let me know too. I also have military magazines like Jane's International Defence Review, Jane's Defence Weekly, etc -- check out my other post. Thanks. Self-Help, Finance, Management S2. Wisdom of Business - A Book of Maxims, by Eugene Weber $4 (Hardcover) S4. Handbook For Beneficiary, by Goh Kheng Chuan $5 (Softcover) S7. Ten Stupid Things Men Do To Mess Up Their Lives, by Dr Laura Schlessinger $6 (Hardcover) S9. Investing in Unit Trusts in Singapore, by Peter Douglas and Andy Ong $6 (Softcover) S10. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey $4 (old Paperback) Others (Non-fiction) N3. Rules And Regulations for The Construction and Classification of Steel Ships, Lloyds (1971) $20 (Hardcover, ex-library) N4. Jane's Merchant Ships 2003-04 $38 (Hardcover) N6. Essential Guide to Flatsharing: For Sharers, Lodgers and Anyone Renting Out a Room, by Rupert Hunt $3 (Softcover) N8. Alsatians - German Shepherd (Foyles Pet Handbooks) $1.50 (Hardcover) N9. Setting Up a Saltwater Aquarium, by Gregory Skomal $3 (Hardcover) N10. 500 Essential Anime Movies: The Ultimate Guide, by Helen McCarthy $5 (Softcover) N12. Strange Communists I Have Known: Startling Portraits of Ten Extraordinarily Gifted Men and Women Who Chose Communism and then Rebelled Against It, by Bertram David Wolfe $4 (very old Paperback) N16. Design by Thinking, by Ken Cato $18 (Hardcover) N21. Can the Desert be Green? Planting Hope in the Wilderness, by Lawrence Ko $4 (Softcover) N23. A Photographic Guide to Birds of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore, by G. w. h. Davison and Chew Yen Fook $8 (Softcover) N24. After Dinner Mince: A Butcher's Yarns, by Doug Miscamble $7 (Paperback) N25. Napoleon: For and Against, by Pieter Geyl $80 (hardcover, revised edition, over 50 years old) N26. Professional Killers: Cold-blooded Murderers Programmed to Kill, by Gordon Kerr $5 (Hardcover) N27. Decision Points, by George W. Bush (US President) $15 (Hardcover) N28. Genghis Khan: Life, Death, and Resurrection, by John Man $4 (Paperback) N29. Kublai Khan: The Mongol King Who Remade China, by John Man $4 (Paperback) Martial Arts and Fitness books C3. More No Holds Barred Fighting: Killer Submissions, by Mark Hatmaker and Doug Werner $13 (Softcover) C4. Collins Gem SAS Self Defence $4 (Softcover) C5. SAS Personal Trainer, by John "Lofty" Wiseman $8 (Softcover) C6. The Navy Seal Workout: The Compete Total-Body Fitness Program: The Complete Total-body Fitness Program, by Mark De Lisle $8 (Softcover) Dilbert comics and business books D1. A Treasury of Sunday Strips: Version 00 $12 (Softcover 224-page comics) D2. Journey to Cubeville $8 (Softcover 224-page comics) D3. Fugitive From the Cubicle Police $8 (Softcover 224-page comics) D4. Don't Step in the Leadership $4 (Softcover 128-page comics) D5. The Dilbert Principle: A Cubicle's-Eye View of Bosses, Meetings, Management Fads & Other Workplace Afflictions $12 (Hardcover book) D6. Dilbert and the Way of the Weasel (In a paperback edition, the second part of the title reads: A Guide to Outwitting Your Boss, Your Coworkers, and the Other Pants-Wearing Ferrets in Your Life) $12 (Hardcover book) D7. The Dilbert Future: Thriving on Business Stupidity in the 21st Century $8 (Paperback book) References R1. Reader's Digest Write Better, Speak Better $5 (Hardcover) R2. The New Webster's International Encyclopedia $9 (Hardcover) Military M13. Australia's defence resources: A compendium of data (1978) $1 (Softcover, ex-library) M20. 最好看的武器百科 : 火炮 $1.80 (Softcover) M21. 最好看的武器百科 : 导弹与火箭 $1.80 (Softcover) M22. 最好看的武器百科 : 战车 $1.80 (Softcover) M23. 最好看的武器百科 : 战机 $1.80 (Softcover) M24. 最好看的武器百科 : 舰艇 $1.80 (Softcover) M25. 武器X档案大揭秘 : 战机传奇录 $1.80 (Softcover) M26. 武器X档案大揭秘 : 战车集结号 $1.80 (Softcover) M38. Shephard's Military Helicopter Handbook 2002 $3 (Softcover) M45. Jane's NBC Protection Equipment 1993-1994 $18 (Hardcover, ex-library) M46. Jane's Underwater Warfare Systems 1996-1997 $18 (Hardcover, ex-library) M49. Immediate Action, by Andy McNab $2.50 (Paperback) M52. TASK FORCE DAGGER The Hunt for Bin Laden - On the ground with Special Operations Forces in the War on Terror, by Robin Moore $4 (Paperback) M53. One Bullet Away: The Making of a Marine Officer, by Nathaniel Fick $3.50 (Paperback) M54. Modern Land Combat, by David Miller and Christopher F Foss $12 (Hardcover) M63. A Complete Directory of Military Vehicles: an A-Z guide to logistics and troop carriers, wreckers, tankers, radio trucks, ambulances, missile transporters, amphibious cars and other specialized army vehicles of the world, by Pat Ware $10 (Softcover) M64. Amphibious Warfare: Strategy & Tactics: The Theory & Practice of Amphibious Operations in the 20th Century, by Ian Speller and Christopher Tuck $10 (Softcover) M65. The Japanese Army 1931–45 (1): 1931–42 (Osprey Men-at-Arms), by Philip Jowett (Author) and Stephen Andrew (Illustrator) $12 (Softcover) M66. The British Army 1939–45 (3): The Far East (Osprey Men-at-Arms), by Martin Brayley (Author) and Mike Chappell (Illustrator) $12 (Softcover) M67. Fighting Vehicles: Armoured Personnel Carriers & Infantry Fighting Vehicles (Greenhill Military Manuals), by T. J. O'Malley (Author) and Ray Hutchins (Illustrator) $4 (Hardcover, ex-library) M68. Close Air Support: Armed Helicopters and Ground Attack Aircraft (Greenhill Military Manuals), by Michael Taylor (Author) and Ray Hutchins (Illustrator) $4 (Hardcover, ex-library). M69 An Illustrated Guide to Modern Fighters and Attack Aircraft, by Bill Gunston $4 (Hardcover, ex-library) M70. 图解三国演义 $12 (Softcover) M72. Tanks: Compared and Contrasted, by Martin Dougherty $9 (Hardcover) M73. The World's Greatest Aircraft, by Christopher Chant and Michael Taylor $12 (Hardcover) M74. Cruiser at War, by Gregory Haines $7 (Hardcover, ex-library) M75. German Tanks and Armored Vehicles, 1914-1945, by B T White $4 M77. Colditz: The Full Story, by Major P. R. Reid $4 (Paperback) M78. Cobra II: The Inside Story of the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq, by Michael R. Gordon and Bernard E. Trainor $6 (Paperback) Fiction FO1. The Sexiest Dead Man Alive, by Jane Blackwood $1.50 (Paperback) FO8. The Extra Ordinary Life of Frank Derrick, Age 81, by J. B. Morrison $6 (Paperback) FO9. Memoirs of a Geisha, by Arthur Golden $4 (Paperback) FO10: Red Sorghum, by Mo Yan $6 (Paperback) FO11: The Whistler, by John Grisham $6 (Paperback) Fiction - Reader's Digest Condensed Books: $4 each (Hardcover) RD1. Snow Wolf by Glenn Meade; Nathan's Run by John Gilstrap; The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans; Dance of the Scrarecrows by Ray Sipherd RD2. Valley of Lagoons by Patricia Shaw; Shooting Script by Gordon Cotler; No Picnic on Mount Kenya by Felice Benuzzi; Death Penalties by Paula Gosling RD3. The Chamber by John Grisham; Hidden Riches by Nora Roberts; Deadeye by Sam Llewellyn; The Acorn Writer by Elizabeth Webster RD4. The Seventh Scroll by Wilbur Smith; The Old House at Railes by Mary E Pearce; The Apocalypse Watch by Robert Lud

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