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Many church bible christian books cd dvd John MacArthur FREE POSTAGE


11 months ago by ooptimizer2






The price for EACH book/cd/dvd is stated below, and the price includes FREE POSTAGE to Singapore address. All the books/cd/dvd are by John MacAurthur, and all are brand new and unopened. Payment is by funds transfer to my POSB savings account. Please pm me to tell me which book/cd/dvd you want. Booklets: Answering key questions about the family (Choose English or Chinese). $2 A Believer's Assurance: A practical guide to victory over doubt. $4 Cultivating a godly child (Choose English or Chinese). $2 Examine Yourself (Choose English or Chinese). $2 Discernment (Chinese book only). $2 Freedom from Sin. (Choose English or Chinese). $4 How to study the Bible. $4 Mastering Materialism. $4 The Ministry of the Holy Spirit. $2 The Parables of the Kingdom Part 1. $4 You can trust the Bible. $3 Books: A Tale of 2 sons.$8 Ashamed of the Gospel. $8 At the throne of Grace. $10. Thick hardcovered book. Being the Dad who leads. $8. Hardcovered book. Daily readings from the life of Christ (vol 1) $12. Hardcovered thick book. Daily readings from the life of Christ (vol 2). $12. Hardcovered thick book. Daily readings from the life of Christ (vol 3). $12. Hardcovered thick book. Drawing Near - Daily Readings for a deeper Faith. $10 Found: God's will. $4. Grace for you - A compelling story of God's Redemption. $4. John MacArthur - Servant of the Word and Flock. $10. Hardcovered book. New Life, new walk. $6 None Other - Discovering the God of the Bible. $10. Hardcovered book One perfect life - the complete story of the Lord Jesus. $15. Very thick hardcovered book. Our Awesome God. $10. Parables. $10. Hardcovered book Slave - The hidden truth about your identity in Christ. $10. Hardcovered book. Strange Fire - The danger of offending the Holy Spirit with Counterfeit Worship. $12. Thick hardcovered book. The Glory of Heaven. $10. Hardcovered book. The Gospel according to Jesus. $10. Hardcovered book. The Jesus Answer book. 10. Hardcovered book The Jesus you can't Ignore. $10. Hardcovered book. The Power of Integrity. $8. The Reality of Sin, part 1 and 2, 2 books for $10 The Upper Room - Jesus parting promises for Troubled Hearts. $12. Thick hardcovered book. Truth endures - Commenmorating 40 years of unleashing God's Truth. $10. Hardcovered book. Twelve Unlikely heros - How God commissioned Unexpected People in the Bible. $12. Hardcovered book. Walk Worthy - MacArthur Bible Study Series. $5 (Choose English or Chinese book) Why Believe the Bible. $8. Worship - The Ultimate Priority. $10. DVD: (Each DVD is $5) Looking and living beyond today's financial crisis. The Revolutionary life of a slave to Christ. CD: (Each CD is $4). A biblical response to the church growth movement. An encouraging call to a contented life. An insider's look at the Resurrection Story A true knowledge of the true God Avoiding the love of money Biblical Economics Building Confidence in your Bible from an unexpected source Characteristics of a contented christian Contemporary worship: Civil war in the church. Darkness and Drama at the Cross. Dealing with sin in God's family. Defending the Biblical account of Creation Enoch: The Walk of Faith Fellowship, Forgiveness and You Forgiveness: The Freedom of letting God Forgiveness: The key to healthy relationship. God's perspective on the Christian Work God's Sovereignty, the Gospel and Sleeping Well Hot Button questions about the Bible and Christian life. How to listen to the Lord (mp3 format - can only play on computer) How to think and act in Evil Days. How to be reconciled to God Introduction to Ephesians Loving God Making Decisions on Non-Moral issues Jesus, Worry and You Prayer: The highest form of worship Religion and its Victim Saved or self-deceived? Six reasons to love and learn God's Word So what's wrong with Gambling? Sovereign election. Supernatural lessons from a natural disaster The Believer's comfort in Christ's Return and Judgment The Case against the R rated church The danger of loving money The Gospel:Self love or self hate? The power and sufficiency of God's Word The Spirit-empowered life of Christ The substance of Faith The Salvation Song of Security The Truth about Spiritual Growth True Happiness Truth matters What happens when a Christian die? When Believers stop Believing You can be an effective Witness Your best life: Now or later?

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