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Maplestory Account For Sale~ Selling Lvl 240 (VIPER) Account in Aquila


1 year ago by tyson174








Current Offer: N/A, increasing bid by every $100 only. S> Level 240 Viper Account in (Aquila) with Asiasoft and all things, only deal through meet up. Will give you every single details of my accounts from Asiasoft to Email addresses, starting bid will be $1500 (some pictures i did not censored the igns, as i feel that it will give my buyers more confidence in my account) Reason for quitting: Commitment. Accounts consists of: - ALOT OF CASH ITEMS, what you saw = what is yours (including pets, Permanent safety charms, and 3x 11th Anniversary pets with 30x scrolls + 4-5WA in the pet equipment slots*** (refer to the picture attached) - PERMANENT EXTRA PENDANT SLOT (refer to the attachments where i show the 'Equipment' Tab) - Link skills is fully done, 5 Cygnus, and all the essential jobs to increase damage range and exp buff. (A few Level 200 Characters, and whole lot of Level 120 Linkskills Characters) - Most items is Unique and Epic 9%, however there is still some Legends and even Add pot Unique. (Please refer to my pictures on emblem, 2nd weapon, and main weapon by dropping me a message in carousell) - ALL ITEMS is 17*, which is done already. (There is also Tyrants inside which is quite decent looking) - Self buff can reach 7.5m (refer to attachments for evidence) - All the MAIN 5th Job Core skills is MAXED. There is still alot cores in the accounts left unopened, around 120. - Watch all my chairs in the "Set-up" Tab, what you saw = what is yours. (including WaterWheel Chair, all colours olympic chairs, and alot more ancient and rare chairs, refer to the attachments for more details) - Able to solo Mulung 41 Floor, CRA 4 doors, HMAG. - Legendary Inner Ability (20% BD) - Total CRA (4 doors) Shards: 203, There is also shards from HMAG, Lotus, Damien. - All storage items is yours, which i am lazy to post up. (including existing Mesos as well) - Str go up to 16.7k with all buffed (refer to attachments for evidence) For more information, just pm me in Carousell. I might not sell the account if the price is not reasonable. There is a starting bid which is just for casual reference. (For serious buyer, i can travel to anywhere in SINGAPORE to find you, to show you the account, however, there will be a $30 Deposit fees. If you are not buying at the end of the day, the deposit fees will be forfeited unfortunately.) ***(By the way, use handphone to better see the clarity of the stats of the Equipments, if you wish to do so)***



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Choa Chu Kang

Choa Chu Kang or any West area preferred. But i can find you to show you the account if you are interested. $30 will be deposited, and it will be forfeited if you are not buying at the end of showcasing the account.


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