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[Pre-order] [Arrival on 11 Oct 17] ---------- Maqui Detox Drink (Authentic) (Meet-Up) ---------- MaquiDetox is a powerful purifier of your intestinal tract, especially the colon. It is specifically formulated for treating constipation problem.   The utilisation of prebiotic and probiotic in Maqui Detox have the potential to cleanse, heal and strengthen the entire gastrointestinal tract.   They provide a kind environment for the intestinal flora and hence, lasting improve the intestinal metabolism.   Moreover, by stimulating the peristaltic action, Maqui Detox improves digestion, relieves gas and cramps,and relieves chronic constipation in order to achieve whole body detoxification.   It works gently and claims to cause minimal to no abdominal cramps and without any side effects.   Maqui Detox contains 100% natural and fresh ingredients without adding any additives, stimulants, preservatives and artificial colouring.   It formulated with high fibre and nutrients content to eliminate toxins inside our body totally by promoting gastrointestinal motility and bowel movement.   Maqui Detox is an effective complete formula by providing you incredible health benefits in a short period of time.   TOXIC BODY-BURDEN - Consequence of lifelong exposure to industrial and environmental toxins that are mostly used in consumer products or contaminants in air,water, food and soil. Toxins can enter through three primary routes, which are ingestion (mouth),absorption (eyes and skin) and inhalation (lung).   The toxins can be accumulated in fat, blood and organs. - Caused poor digestion, constipation, ulcers, hemorrhoids and diverticulitis, bloating,fatigue, anxiety,depression, headaches, gas, coated tongue, mood changes,emotional disorders, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, body odour, skin spots, and excess weight.   Chronic infection, bad breathe, poor circulation, sinus problem, serious skin disorder,arthritis, allergies, hormone imbalance. ---------- REASONS TO DETOX  : 1. Remove toxins and parasites from the body 2. Enhance immune system function 3. Increase metabolism 4. Prevent chronic disease 5. Increase energy and vitality 6. Lose weight 7. Healthy glowing skin 8. Stop and slow premature ageing 9. Clarity of mental and emotional 10. Reduce stress ---------- Ingredients: MAQUI BERRY POWDER, BLUEBERRY POWDER, CRANBERRY POWDER,RASPBERRY POWDER, BLACKBERRY POWDER, ALOE VERA EXTRACT,  PREBIOTIC (FRUCTOOLIGOSACCHARIDE, WHEATGRASS POWDER, APPLE PECTIN, PSYLLIUM HUSK 98%, CHIA SEED POWDER),PROBIOTIC (L.ACIDOPHILUS, B.LONGUM)   - Consume 1 time each day before sleep - Pour 1 small packet (15g) Maqui Detox into 200ml water, stir well and drink.   Product Specification: 14 sachets x 15g / box. ---------- Tags: detoxification products, natural Essence, weight loss, no diet, 无需节食 天然成分 排毒产品 排毒可帮助瘦身 BGreen Do message us for more info regarding the product. We provide professional consultation before you purchase. ---------- 🚇 MRT station Meet Up 🚇 ▶ Bugis ▶ City Hall to Ang Mo Kio ⏲ 1000-1045, 2100-2200 ⏲

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