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Comes in 3 colours : Black / Black Black / Brown Brown / Black ❤This Marker Pen Eyeliner is easy to use and waterproof that lasts all day. ❤Other than it dries fast, the pen eyeliner does not smudge even though you sweat. ❤It comes with FREE Slim Pencil Liner (no sharpening needed) with every purchase of Marker Pen Eyeliner. ❤It focuses to have that perfect eyeliner.

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Self Collect at Woodlands

Mailing or Delivery

A) Free Normal Mail B) Delivery by AM Mail (Letterbox / Doorstep) : Additional $3.00 C) Delivery by SmartPac (Mini / Envelope / Box) : Additional $4.00 D) Delivery by Registered Mail : Additional $8.00 E) Delivery by Courier Service : Additional $10.00