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Martial arts, fitness books, self defense, SAS, Navy SEAL submission MMA mixed


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Assorted fitness and martial arts books for sale -- see list below for individual prices. Self collect, weekday evenings or weekend, from Depot Road, or by mail (postage to be advised). I can also meet on weekend (limited time slots) at: Clementi Mall, and Jurong West St 52 (10-minute walk from Lakeside MRT). Sorry, no meeting at MRT station. Please do not message me if you are not agreeable to the location. C3. More No Holds Barred Fighting: Killer Submissions, by Mark Hatmaker and Doug Werner $13 (Softcover) This advanced guide to submission wrestling--the underlying fighting skill associated with such events as the Ultimate Fighting Championships--provides the straightforward, pragmatic approach to ultimate-fighting instruction. 650 photos. C4. Collins Gem SAS Self Defence $4 (Softcover) A compact, practical manual of self-defence techniques based on those taught by the elite Special Air Service. A clear and concise guide to making sure that you can deal with a wide variety of circumstances and confrontations. General sections on fitness and the law lead into the basics of self-defence and using everyday objects as defensive weapons. Attacks on public transport, in your own car or by animals are all covered, as are sections on medical emergencies and tips especially for women to deal with the likes of gang attacks, stalking and malicious phonecalls. All defence techniques are illustrated with clear, step-by-step photographs and diagrams. C5. SAS Personal Trainer, by John "Lofty" Wiseman $8 (Softcover) The SAS is probably the world's greatest military elite unit and its soldiers are renowned for their ability to cope when under great physical and mental stress. With this book readers too can acquire the unique range of skills taught to members of the British Special Air Service. This resource volume features illustrated exercises for improving strength, stamina, and agility; advice on diet and nutrition; and chapters on mental agility and self-defense teach readers to cope with the challenges of the modern world, the SAS way. C6. The Navy Seal Workout: The Compete Total-Body Fitness Program: The Complete Total-body Fitness Program, by Mark De Lisle $8 (Softcover) “Many people believe the only way to get in shape is by putting a lot of money into trendy fitness centers, or spending hard-earned cash on a variety of workout videotapes. In the end, these methods seldom provide the results we're all looking for. But don't get me wrong--I am not demeaning gyms or workout tapes; in fact, I still enjoy the benefits of a gym to keep fit. Weight-lifting rooms and other facilities can be extremely beneficial. However, to obtain and maintain supreme cardiovascular fitness and a rock-hard body, I must continually use the training regimen I learned as a member of the Navy SEALs." -- from The Navy SEAL Workout. As the world's most elite combat unit, the US Navy SEALs have long been known for their tremendous physical fitness and mental stamina. Their training program has also carried somewhat of a mystique, as so few people actually enter and stay in the program. Navy SEAL Mark De Lisle reveals the no-frills workout that has conditioned some of the best bodies around. From stretching through cooldown, including a variety of running and swimming workouts as well as tips on top-notch nutrition, The Navy SEAL Workout can improve any committed participant's cardiovascular fitness and overall shape and tone. "After 27 years as a Navy SEAL, I feel The Navy SEAL Workout program is the best one on the market, encompassing the physical training regimen required of a Naval Special Warfare Warrior. The levels of intensity, from beginner to advanced, are so well laid out that both the biggest 'couch potato' and professional athelete can see improvement after a short period of time." -- Allan Starr, Command Masterchief, Naval Special Warfare Command Group One.

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Beside Depot Road, I can also meet on weekend (limited time slots) at: Liang Court, Clementi Mall, and Jurong West St 52 (10-minute walk from Lakeside MRT).


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