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CARING FOR YOUR PETS ! Chewing is very important for your dogs oral and mental health. It keeps his teeth clean, his body exercised and his mind occupied. Having your dog chew on a toy is also important to prevent behavior problems and chewing on inappropriate objects. A dog that has chewed for 30 minutes is busy, contented and then more apt to take a nap than steal your wallet! MARUKAN BISCUIT DOG TREATS Introducing (DF102) Marukan Sweet Potato Potato Cookies 250g Marukan original taste of Sweet Potato cookies for dogs. Contains: Flour, Oligosaccharide, Vegetable Powder, Vitamin, Dehydrated Milk Powder, Mineral, Calcium, Xylitol, Urine deodorising ingredient Nutritional Analysis: Crude Protein Min 15% Crude Fat Max 10% Crude Fiber Max 1.5% Ash Max 8% Moisture Max 2% Energy 390kcal Directions: Puppy 1 to 3 pc/day Mini Breed (1-5kg) 2 to 5 pc/day Small Breed (5-10kg) 5 to 10 pc/day Medium Breed (10-15kg) 10 to 15 pc/day Large Breed (above 20kg) 15 to 25 pc/day Purchase Now!

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