[MASS ORDER] Lululemon USA - Retail Price with Free Shipping - Enjoy 10% off with a minimum purchase of 3pieces, 15% off for 6pieces


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🙋🏼Brand new in packaging (Receipt will be inside your parcel) 🙋🏼100% Authentic (Otherwise we refund you twice the amount) 🙋🏼Sizes availability: All sizes listed on website 🙋🏼Waiting time is about 10days - We use express mailing from USA to Singapore 🙋🏼Prices reflected on website * 1.45 [Take 10% off when you buy 2 or more pieces!] 🙋🏼Deposit $30 to confirm your order 🙆🏼All items available on http://shop.lululemon.com/ Tags: evolve fit wear, Lululemon, dragonfly clothing, yoga, Athleta, Zella, Aloyoga, soybu, lily lotus, Mika, old navy, prana