Massive Happy Buddha with joyful 5 Children Statue,symbolise Family Happiness, Joyful life, Peace, Weath, Good Health, healthy relationship 彌勒笑佛 五子鬧佛 皆大歡喜 多财多子运财富 五子登科 财运亨通


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~ pls slight to see all 4 pics ~ Laughing Buddha also Known as 'Hotei' (in Japan), these idols embody the ideals of the good life: health, happiness, prosperity and longevity. Wherever he went, he wore a pu-tai or cloth-bag. (As you can see in the pic while he sitting, he holding it at his right hand) Thus he came to be known as Pu-tai Hoshang or hemp-bag monk. Legend has it that in this bag he carried candy for the children. But the hemp sack may be interpreted as filled with gold, happiness, health, and other aspects of abundance. Unlike the standing Buddha, this Buddha is in sitting posture, symbolise he is Buddha of Love - sitting in love and compassion This Happy Buddha with five joyful children statue is great for people who wish to have healthy family relationship, family happiness, a lot of joy. Come With a Majestic size total about 40cm tall, with a Width 38cm. From front to back also stand 23cm ** Original bought $288, now selling @ $168 only! feng shui store, Buddha statues, feng shui products,Buddha statue, Kwan yin statue, Kwan yin, Quan yin, Guanyin, Bronze statues, Brass statues, jade carvings, lucky jewelry, lucky charm, feng shui tips,

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