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Mastering C# and .NET Framework By Marino Posadas December 2016


7 months ago by visionofjoy1








Overview Uniquely structured content to help you understand what goes on under the hood of .NET’s managed code platform to master .NET programming Deep dive into C# programming and how the code executes via the CLR Packed with hands-on practical examples, you’ll understand how to write applications to make full use of the new features of .NET 4.6, .NET Core and C# 6/7 Objectives Understand C# core concepts in depth, from sorting algorithms to the Big O notation Get up to speed with the latest changes in C# 6/7 Interface SQL Server and NoSQL databases with .NET Learn SOLID principles and the most relevant GoF Patterns with practical examples in C# 6.0 Defend C# applications against attacks Use Roslyn, a self-hosted framework to compile and advanced edition in both C# and Visual basic .NET languages Discern LINQ and associated Lambda expressions, generics, and delegates Design a .NET application from the ground up Understand the internals of a .NET assembly Grasp some useful advanced features in optimization and parallelism About Mastering C# and .NET Framework will take you in to the depths of C# 6.0/7.0 and .NET 4.6, so you can understand how the platform works when it runs your code, and how you can use this knowledge to write efficient applications. Take full advantage of the new revolution in .NET development, including open source status and cross-platform capability, and get to grips with the architectural changes of CoreCLR. Start with how the CLR executes code, and discover the niche and advanced aspects of C# programming – from delegates and generics, through to asynchronous programming. Run through new forms of type declarations and assignments, source code callers, static using syntax, auto-property initializers, dictionary initializers, null conditional operators, and many others. Then unlock the true potential of the .NET platform. Learn how to write OWASP-compliant applications, how to properly implement design patterns in C#, and how to follow the general SOLID principles and its implementations in C# code. We finish by focusing on tips and tricks that you'll need to get the most from C# and .NET. This book also covers .NET Core 1.1 concepts as per the latest RTM release in the last chapter.

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jennyerjieyangGreat seller to deal with! Prompt delivery! Item more
2 weeks ago
visionofjoy1Thank you very much :)
_blehhhhhhhhh124_fast dealer. appreciate it!! highly recommended :) more
6 months ago
visionofjoy1Thank you very much
iownedya123Great seller to deal with!
8 months ago
visionofjoy1Thank you very much
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