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[Item ready for collection 7 working days from payment confirmation!] [Product available on website 🌐 at a lower price with free doorstep delivery!] [Medicube] Red Erasing Cream 50g + gift(Red Body Bar 10g) Red Erasing Cream has been tested for -Discoloration Improvement -Skin Strengthening -Sensitive Skin -Light Exfoliation -Moisturization Improvement in discoloration : Effective for freckles and discoloration Strengthens Skin : Improve moisture retention For sensitive skin : Non irritant product Improvement in dead skin cells : Moisturizing and reduces dead skin cells Brightening and wrinkle care : Tested for whitening and wrinkle care ========================== 🎁 HOW TO PURCHASE 🎁 ========================== 📲 WHATSAPP or CHAT for PURCHASE REQUEST: 92264496 🏦 Bank Transfer "Price + Local Delivery (if any)" with Picture Proof 🕰 Purchase takes 7 Working Days to arrive upon Payment 🏫 Self Collect@ 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace#02-03A, Chinatown MRT(Exit C) 🏫 Self Collect@ China town MRT(Exit C) at 1:00pm or 7:00pm on Weekdays 🏫 NinjaVan Courier or SmartPac Post can be provided with extra payment ========================== 💳 PAYMENT DETAILS 💳  Via Bank Transfer!  Name: NovelShip  DBS Business Banking: 003-949373-8 [Products takes about 7 working days to arrive after payment is confirmed.] ========================== 👥Follow Us for Deals&Promotion Updates👥 🌐 Official Website: 💥promotion price available on website only💥 (More products and information of 🇰🇷 products on-site!) 🚨😁About NovelShip😁🚨 We're just a group of people dedicated at bringing you the "Hippest, Coolest" KPop Merchandise. Since we are TWICE and EXO Fans ourselves and are an International Team spanning Korea, Japan and Singapore, NovelShip can offer you the most exclusive KPop products at reasonable prices. So whether you're looking for products that we feature or products we don't know yet, this is a place for you to discover and purchase KPop merchandise directly from Korea. We're always working on keep tracking of what new KPop merchandises are released, and if you've got a tip on something cool and new, email us at - Chris, Jinnie, Richard Like what you see? Check out my other listings for products from Korea! #medicube #rederasingcream #erasingcream #medicubeerasingcream #medicubesoap #medicuberedbodybar #redbodybar #discoloration #moisturization #brightening #wrinklecare #kbeauty #medicubered #sensitiveskin #sensitive #yoojaesuk #jj #korea #korean #kr #kwave

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195 Pearl's Hill Terrace Singapore, Singapore 🏫 Self Collect @ 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace #02-03A (2mins from Chinatown MRT) - directions can be provided We accept pickup requests at Chinatown MRT Exit C Weekdays *1PM or 7PM* 💭Note 1: Items are only Shipped to Singapore upon Purchase confirmation and will arrive in 7 working days, 💭Note 2: You can purchase here thru Chat or purchase directly thru our website (comes with tracking) 🌐

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🔵 $4.00 - 🚚 NinjaVan Courier (1-3 days) Free courier for purchase on our website