Share This With Friends Theses quality Air Gang Valves, Manifolds or dividers are designed for hiblow air pumps, compressors, or air blowers, with multiple individually controlled outlets. It could make separate air control for multiple setups in your aquariums or multiple tanks in fish shops. Air Manifolds perform two basic functions: First, they allow the adjustment of air flow to two or more air stones or air diffusers in order to insure that equal air flow is provided to each air diffuser or air stone. Additionally, the air manifold allows excess air pressure from the pump to escape. If excess back pressure is allowed to reach the air pump for extended periods of time, this pressure can cause pump diaphragm failure Specification: • Aquarium Air Valve; Material : Metal • Color : Silver Tone; Design : Dual Line 4,6,8,10 & 12 Way Outlet • Fit Tube Dia.(Outlet) : 4mm/0.16";Fit Tube Dia.(Inlet) : 18.5mm/0.73"

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