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Frequency Range: 100 Hz 15 KHz Impendance: 600 Ohms Sensitivity: -74db Weight: 176 Grams Each Microphone Length / Type Of Cord: 2.9 Metres / Quarter Inch Input With Typical 3 Pin Mic Input Super Versatile Wired Microphone Twin Set (2 Pcs in a Box) 6 Months Warranty Operation Guide Insert microphone plug in the microphone "MIC" Input Position the microphone switch to "ON" and adjust the voice volume on your playback or speaker system as per your comfort level Position the microphone to "OFF" when not in use Best position of microphone is between 5 cm - 10 cm from mouth Caution Keep a distance from microphone and speakers Do not strike the microphone Strictly avoid storing the microphone in high temperature areas as well as avoid moisture places

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