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MID SIZE Speaker Spike and Base - Madagascar Ebony Brass Tipped Set of Madagascar Ebony wood tipped with Brass Comes in a set of spike and base, with adhesive tape. Beautiful Super Hard Ebony Wood Precision machined. Floor Protection Ebony Feet for your spikes from your speakers/ speaker stands / sub woofer 1. Provide noise / vibration isolation of speakers 2. Protect the floor from scratches by spikes. Spike : Diameter 33mm x 28mm tall Base: Diameter 25mm x 16mm thick. Total Height with spike on base: 40mm Ideal for hifi and av enthusiasts ,audiophiles, for boosting up performance of your setup. It is said hard wood provides a warmer feel than cold metallic brass spikes. Looks good with the rest of your furniture too. Pre order available. Price is for 1 set only. 1 set = 1 spike and 1 base and 1 doublesided tape, usually need to buy 3 sets minimum for each speaker. Using 3 Per: 3 sets $48 6 sets $92 Using 4 Per: 4 sets $64 8 sets $110 More discounts available if u order more. NOTE: this is for larger speakers and audio setup, or to have more room from the floor Normal , Smaller speakers go for this smaller version: Install spike onto bottom face of speaker by using double sided tape.

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