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Assorted military books for sale -- see list below for individual prices. M13. Australia's defence resources: A compendium of data (1978) $1 (Softcover, ex-library) M20. 最好看的武器百科 : 火炮 $1.80 (Softcover) M21. 最好看的武器百科 : 导弹与火箭 $1.80 (Softcover) M22. 最好看的武器百科 : 战车 $1.80 (Softcover) M23. 最好看的武器百科 : 战机 $1.80 (Softcover) M24. 最好看的武器百科 : 舰艇 $1.80 (Softcover) M25. 武器X档案大揭秘 : 战机传奇录 $1.80 (Softcover) M26. 武器X档案大揭秘 : 战车集结号 $1.80 (Softcover) These (M20 to M26) are primarily kids' book. If your child in interested in military machines (artillery, missiles, planes, ships, tanks), these can motivate them to read more Chinese. M49. Immediate Action, by Andy McNab $2.50 (Paperback) The author is one of the most highly decorated soldiers alive. He is also the first to break the code of silence about the SAS (Special Air Service), the most elite fighting force in the world. What McNab has to say is so explosive that the British government tried to stop him. His actions behind the lines in the Gulf War made him a hero. In harrowing detail, McNab takes us inside the SAS Regiment, chronicling nine years of covert operations on five continents. Plunging us into a world of surveillance, counterintelligence, and hostage rescue, he takes us behind the scenes of top secret missions. He reveals the shocking details of their training -- physically severe, mentally grueling, and sometimes deadly. And he dares to expose some of their highly confidential codes and rules -- including the one that sanctions murder. This is the story of the fighting men of the SAS. Here is how they live. And here is how they die... M52. TASK FORCE DAGGER The Hunt for Bin Laden - On the ground with Special Operations Forces in the War on Terror, by Robin Moore $4 (Paperback) This book plunges the reader into America’s War on Terror, from the first top-secret meetings of TASK FORCE DAGGER on September 11, 2001, through the liberation of Kabul 62 days later and the tragedies of OPERATION ANACONDA. The book takes the reader into the heat of battle — as seen through the eyes of the Green Berets on the ground. This is the story of how only a few hundred men, operating from a secret Special Forces base, changed the course of history in Central Asia and destroyed a hundred-thousand-man terrorist army in less than 90 days. M53. One Bullet Away: The Making of a Marine Officer, by Nathaniel Fick $3.50 (Paperback) If the Marines are “the few, the proud,” Recon Marines are the fewest and the proudest. Nathaniel Fick led a platoon in Afghanistan just after 9/11 and advances to the pinnacle —Recon — two years later, on the eve of war with Iraq. His vast skill set puts him in front of the front lines, leading 22 Marines into the deadliest conflict since Vietnam. Fick unveils the process that makes Marine officers such legendary leaders and shares his hard-won insights into the differences between military ideals and military practice, which can mock those ideals. In this deeply thoughtful account of what it’s like to fight on today’s front lines, Fick reveals the crushing pressure on young leaders in combat. Split-second decisions might have national consequences or horrible immediate repercussions, but hesitation isn’t an option. One Bullet Away never shrinks from blunt truths, but ultimately it is an inspiring account of mastering the art of war. M64. Amphibious Warfare: Strategy & Tactics: The Theory & Practice of Amphibious Operations in the 20th Century, by Ian Speller and Christopher Tuck $10 (Softcover) The Illustrated History from 1914 to the Present Day. Taking the unique approach of building up the different stages of an amphibious campaign chapter by chapter, Amphibious Warfare gives a complete picture of the men, commanders, strategy and tactics, ships, landing craft, tanks and aircraft, as well as the actual assaults. Starting with the initial planning and preparation, Malcolm English takes the reader through the initial landing stage, the beachhead consolidation and the successful securing of a target. Also included are viewpoints on the past and future of amphibious warfare. M65. The Japanese Army 1931–45 (1): 1931–42 (Osprey Men-at-Arms), by Philip Jowett (Author) and Stephen Andrew (Illustrator) $12 (Softcover) During Japan's devastating Pacific offensive of the 1941-42 period of World War II, the Allies paid a high price for their failure to take seriously an army which had already been fighting in Manchuria and China for ten years. That army was a unique blend of the ancient and the modern and its up-to-date equipment and resourceful tactics served an almost medieval code of unquestioning obedience and ruthless aggression. This first of two titles covers the organisation, equipment, uniforms and character of Japanese ground forces in the Chinese and early Pacific campaigns, illustrated with insignia charts, many rare photographs, and eight meticulous uniform plates. M66. The British Army 1939–45 (3): The Far East (Osprey Men-at-Arms), by Martin Brayley (Author) and Mike Chappell (Illustrator) $12 (Softcover) The lightning Japanese offensives in the Far East in 1941/42 inflicted a series of costly defeats on the ill-prepared and badly supported British Commonwealth forces in Malaya, Singapore and Burma. The 'forgotten' 14th Army on the India-Burma border slowly built up its strength and its tactical expertise; and Wingate's 'Chindits' proved that units supplied from the air could operate deep behind enemy lines. In 1944 General Slim's troops decisively smashed Japan's last offensive at Imphal and Kohima; and over the next year they drove the enemy relentlessly back through Burma, reducing them to starving fugitives by the final victory in August 1945. This concise summary of Britain's Far East campaigns of World War II is illustrated with many rare photographs, and eight detailed colour plates. M70. 图解三国演义 $12 (Softcover) 以现代手法诠释中国四大名著。简洁的人物关系分解,深入剖析英雄豪杰的成败得失。详细的战争形势分析,形象解读经典谋略的来龙去脉。精致的兵器服饰图谱,全面探讨三国文化的深刻内涵。 三国是中国最经典的一段历史,《三国演义》则是中国最受欢迎的小说之一。自问世以来,《三国演义》一直广受欢迎,对中国文化产生了深远影响,被人称为最能代表中华文明的经典著作。它塑造了曹操、刘备、关羽、诸葛亮等等一大批深入人心的英雄豪杰。它还为我们留下了一个个饱含智慧的精彩故事,对中国人的为人、处世、运筹、工作影响深远,至今仍有难以估量的重大参考价值。 一直以来,对三国故事的研究解读可谓层出不穷,然而大多都停留在文字层面。本书则颠覆以往的解读方式,用“一页文字加一页图解”的全新方法为您全面解构三国的里里外外。全书分为人物篇、故事篇、寓意篇和篇外篇四大部分,既有经典人物的性格命运剖析,也有经典情节的来龙去脉解读,还涉及了《三国演义》的虚实争论、主题艺术、谋略用人等诸多热点。每一个小节都配有相应的图解内容,如人物关系谱、活动路线图、服装兵器介绍等等,力求将深入细致的分析和简洁明了的图解完美结合,为您展现一个更直观、更形象的三国。 M77. Colditz: The Full Story, by Major P. R. Reid $4 (Paperback) Colditz Castle, located near Leipzig Germany, was the last stop for select Allied prisoners during WW2. It was here, a reportedly impregnable fortress, that the Germans sent all the prisoners who escaped from other prisons. Once within the walls, the Germans reasoned, escaping was impossible. Yet, over three hundred men escaped. The ingenuity of the prisoners knew no bounds: they tried everything from tunneling underneath the castle's walls to hiding in the garbage to disguising themselves as German officers. They even built a glider. Author and former British Army officer, P.R. Reid, was one of the men who escaped from Colditz and made it home to tell the story. M78. Cobra II: The Inside Story of the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq, by Michael R. Gordon and Bernard E. Trainor $6 (Paperback) Written by the chief military correspondent of the New York Times and a prominent retired Marine general, this is the definitive account of the invasion of Iraq. A stunning work of investigative journalism, Cobra II describes in riveting detail how the American rush to Baghdad provided the opportunity for the virulent insurgency that followed. As Gordon and Trainor show, the brutal aftermath was not inevitable and was a surprise to the generals on both sides. Based on access to unseen documents and exclusive interviews with the men and women at the heart of the war, Cobra II provides firsthand accounts of the fighting on the ground and the high-level planning behind the scenes. This is a peerless re-creation and analysis of the central event of our times. M80. Military Uniforms of the World in Colour (Blanford), by P. Kannik (Author), W.Y. Carman (Editor), Preben Kannik (Illustrator), $5 (Hardcover, ex-library, cut on dust jacket)

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