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Description: Textured foundation brush creates a thin, smooth base. Densely packed fibers and bendable brush head allow for smooth product adherence onto the skin. The tear-drop shape allows for precise application even around the nose. Brush cap is included for hygienic storage. Recommended for: Those looking to apply foundation in thin layersThose looking to achieve a smooth makeup base. Those whose foundation tends to cake easilyThose looking for a makeup brush that does not cause irritation. Gives Beginners-Professional Results A brush with the right texture and shape for every step of your makeup regimen, allows even beginners to achieve professional results Soft Texture Tapered fibers provide a super soft texture that doesn't irritate the skin and allows for more natural-looking makeup application Directions: Step 1. Apply foundation to the brush (Alternatively, dot face with foundation directly) Step 2. Smooth foundation onto skin in an upward sweeping motion Step 3. Use the tapered end of the brush for those hard-to-reach areas (crevices on the sides of the nose) Step 4. Tap additional foundation onto areas in need of more intense coverage

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