Missha 4D Mascara The Style (Eye Eyes Lash Lashes Eyelashes Volume Waterproof)


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Retails S$23 in SG stores! *Note: This is the new packaging & freshest formulation that's newly improved* Condition: - 100% brand new; sealed - 100% authentic - Fresh and direct from Korea - Personally brought back (hygienic+ no wait time) - Well kept in ziplock, ziplock in containers, containers in drawers- away from heat and sunlight (am OCD in the storage of cosmetics) Why buy it: Using this brilliant mascara, a protective layer is formed on each lash, making your eyelashes look full and voluminous. A famously well-raved mascara both online and off-line- by magazines, celebrities, and lots of beauty bloggers; both in Korea and internationally. Some rave reviews on make up alley: 1. "I have found my HG mascara! I usually go for pretty 'natural' eye makeup, so keep that in mind, but here are the reasons why I love this: - Never smudges or flakes. Seriously, the only mascara I've tried that doesn't smudge on me (darn Asian eyes...). - Does not make my lashes clump, and coats them evenly. Lengthens and darkens the lashes, but keeps them looking real. I'm not even kidding, I will probably never use any of my other mascaras again, haha." 2. "Makes even the short, annoying lashes I always struggle with long and gives an overall natural, but impressive result. I generally have quite long lashes, but I would say based on the improvement on those, that this mascara would work for everyone wanting longer and fuller lashes. Wow! I would say that this is better than most of the top-brands." 3. "I recently got this as a gift from a Korean friend of mine and LOVED it. My lashes are long, but fine, and this mascara really coats my lashes from root to tip. The brush is a thin, classic, fluffy wire brush, and the product glides easily onto my lashes, and it doesn't clump at all. Its not flaky or dry, and it washes off very easily, leaving no black smudges around my eyes... especially effective for those with shorter lashes." 4. Many returning buyers for this; see pictures. 70% off retail price ($23 in SG). Do grab this useful product at an awesome price now (: Pics credits: Missha Tag: GCS #missha #korea #korean #koreabeauty #koreanbeauty #makeup #mascara #cosmetics #cosmetic #beauty #waterproof #4D #lashes #eye #eyes #eyelash #eyelashes #eyemakeup