Missing Link Ultimate Canine Skin & Coat (Dog supplement)


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Description Powder Formula · Average 60 Day Supply The Original Patented · Veterinarian Formulated Balanced Omega 3 & 6 A Superfood Supplement for All Breeds of Dogs Commonsense Nutrition Validated by Modern Science Nutritionally Supports Healthy Skin and Coat Sustained Energy Levels Healthy Digestive System Healthy Immune System Soft Tissue, Muscle, Tendon & Ligament Function The Missing Link Ultimate Skin & Coat targets the nutritional gap between what nature provides and what is available in commercial foods. Our proprietary, patented cold-processing method ensures the freshest delivery of precious Omega 3 fatty acids. This unique synergistic blend of the highest quality ingredients combines: Balanced Omega 3 & 6 to maintain healthy skin & coat. Omega fatty acids help the absorption of fat soluble vitamins which nutritionally support: intercellular health, energy levels, the immune system, and muscle, tendon & ligament function. Dietary fiber to promote a healthy digestive system. Phyto (plant) nutrients to support general health and nutrition.

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