Mission Gamma Book Three: Cathedral (Star Trek Deep Space Nine) (Bk.3) By Micheal A. Martin and Andy Mangels


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Condition: 10/10 No tears or folds Science Fiction & Fantasy Book A four-book odyssey of space exploration, political intrigue, religious schism, deadly conspiracies and startling revelations, this is Deep Space Nine at its best. Peace talks test the morality and resolve of two longtime enemies, the Bajorans and the Cardassians. But when politics and diplomacy fail, a strange alliance of alien religions offers unexpected hope for lasting peace. Meanwhile, a mysterious ancient artifact challenges the crew of the Defiant by 'restoring' crewmembers who have survived life-altering transformations, propelling them into personal journeys of self-discovery during a dangerous military confrontation. PLUS this volume sees the shocking death of a recurring character from the TV series.

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