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Mit EX Lancer on 4300K warm yellowish towards pale white-ish halogen bulb - INSTALLATION NOT INCLUDED


6 months ago by kelbinyouen








Mit EX Lancer Bros replacing their stock HB4 dull yellowish headlight halogen bulb to 4300K warm yellowish towards pale white-ish. INSTALLATION NOT INCLUDED. ***Note, the econ mode button may need to be disabled to make the bulb more lasting*** Various rides on 4300K color temp Halogen bulb for headlight - warm yellowish towards pale white. Do note that effect is based on clear headlight and not faded/distored as faded/distored headlights will or might have different effect. Thanks. (refer to this link to see 4300K temp colour) H types halogen bulb almost equivalent to temperature color of close to 4300K warm pale yellowish towards slight pale white-ish a bit. HB3, HB4 and H11. Definitely look nicer and brighter than the original default 55W halogen bulb that comes originally in your car. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR TOTALLY WHITE, PLEASE GIVE THIS A MISS AS THIS IS STRONG YELLOWISH TOWARDS SLIGHT WHITE-ISH NOT 5000K type. DO READ the below before contacting me. Questions being asked/enquiry to me or asking me redundant questions which have been mentioned below will be ignored. If you do not know which type you are using,DO CHECK WITH YOUR OWN WORKSHOP first which H type you are using before contacting me as I am selling cash/carry. All CASH & CARRY no installation provided and only at my convenience location at either Punggol area or Bedok area (only weekend for Bedok) between 8.20 - 9.45pm. Whatapps or sms me directly at my hp to confirm location. Prefer buyer to fix on the spot so that can test the bulb as well. If you need workshop to fix can recommend you a workshop at east area to fix with a labour fee between $10-$20 depending on complexity. Of course if you are close to your own workshop you can ask them fix for you maybe at a cheaper fee or even free. If not I will use my handheld tester to test show you before payment. $11.00 a pair for all types plus 1 pair of T10 wedge 5leds 5050 smd (blue, icy blue, red, green or pink) as free gift for every 1 pair of halogen bulb purchased. Sms/whatapps 96944007. Do refrain from calling or sms me to ask me this or that questions which have been answered before as I am usually busy. If in doubt, please refer to below FAQs. FAQs: ^How do I know if I am using 12V for my ride? You can check with your own workshop for the type of interface connectors. Alternatively I can try my best but no promise to try answer. 12V are standard cars/vans. Not heavy vehicles. ^Is it easy to install as all are selling cash/carry? Most of the rides are usually easy but some rides have to remove the headlight, battery, air filter etc to access into the headlight light area. You can ask your own workshop to help you install ^ How do I know which type is for my ride? DO CHECK WITH YOUR OWN WORKSHOP first BEFORE CONTACTING ME which H type you are using before contacting me as I am selling cash/carry. ^ Does it have warranty? Waranty is covered for 2 weeks upon on the date of purchase. If you choose not to install on the spot and install some other days, prefer you get it fixed on the very next day when you purchase from me. ^Why is my advertisement so long? The reason why my advertisement is so long-winded is because of the following reasons: 1) To prevent any dispute in PM or meetup when deal. I have mentioned everything here is to have a clear understanding to everyone. If not people will ask me why i did not specify "no installation provided" when actually I have already mentioned "cash&carry"

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5 days ago
muri.cofranGreat seller nice to deal with thank u sooo much
6 days ago
joko130074Very friendly Seller. highly recommended.
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